WIM HOF METHOD EXPLAINED animation -step by step – by the new book of the ICEMAN the daredevil (HD)

Wim Hof Method explained by the publication of the Iceman or like some telephone call Wim Hof the risk-taker.
In this Computer animated Video I describe what we can gain from the Iceman Wim Hof – risk-taker. Or how you can end up being like the Iceman. As Well As what Wim Hof as well as his author describe in there most recent publication released in 2015 that goes about this Wim Hof Approach (WHM).


– Cold training explained at 2:52
– Breath excercise at 4:06
– Persistence at 7:10
– His diet plan at 8:22
– The clinical examination at 9:20
– For that this approach deserves trying at 10:55
– Tiny recap at 12:08
– Exactly how to contact us 12:58

The Wim Hof Methode explained by a Computer animation Video by NoëlKnows by experience. Wim Hof Method Review – Exactly How To End up being The Iceman

The Wim Hof technique appears to be matched for:
– Healthy and balanced individuals
– Professional athletes
– individuals with high blood pressure issues
– people with infections
– people with rheumatism
– people with Cancer cells
– individuals with Crohn's illness
– people with clinical depressions
– individuals with osteo arthritis
– individuals with Diabetes mellitus 2
– people with Overweight
– people with Fatigue
– individuals with varicose capillaries
– individuals with chilly hands as well as chilly feet
– anti-stress and also ahead in the now
– The trick to end up being very old

as well as also helpful for:
for more energy,
for better rest,
against headaches,
back as well as neck problems,
digestive problems.
the blood circulation,
the heart,
shiny hair,
a tight skin,
a dose of power,
your mood,
versus infections,
your confidence.

Wim Hof has developed an approach characterized by simpleness as well as effectiveness. The results and also applicability of this approach are being investigated by numerous clinical institutes, consisting of the Radboud University. Initial outcomes have revealed that the approach appears to influence the self-governing nerve system as well as the body immune system. This implies that application of the Wim Hof Technique (WHM) may be of specific significance in the areas of public health, sporting activities and also at numerous various other degrees.

The performance of this approach has actually been understood to Wim Hof for several years, which is why he desires to share it with the globe. He wishes to make sure that this approach will be used widespread.

Guide discusses how the WHM stemmed, what the approach contains, which physiological effects it has, which scientific outcomes it has actually yielded and in which fields the approach can be used.

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  1. Positive experience – energy, mindfullness and good mood.

  2. I really enjoyed your concise explanation of the Wim Hof method. Looking forward to future learning! Thank you

  3. The drawings were very funny and nice!

  4. [email protected] is my email, I would love a copy of Wim Hof’s diet, thank you for this information, truly appreciated, I am starting my daily practise tomorrow xo thank you

  5. I’d love a copy of the ebook: [email protected] thank you for such a great video!!!

  6. My late mother took her showers around 3, o 4 in the morning. Ate like a little bird – hardly anything – yet, she did always had tremendous energy that would put anyone around to shame even at her almost 80s. Since I was a kid I was spelled bound by her power, it was as if she took all that energy from the air. She would tell us about the way they were raised as children, it wasnt easy, but she being so powerful was the result of that upbringing. Another point I noticed about my mother was the shine of her eyes, the light coming out of them could pierce through you. Some people by nature, or discipline I believe can channel power as it is!

  7. on more technical terms
    the breathing exercice does

    /increase white blood cells,strenghen your immune system,increases dopamin endorphin(the feel good hormones,opposite of the stress hormone that kills your cells cortisol)

    cold shower does

    /ncreases dopamin, endorphin multiply by 3 epinephrime and norepinephrin(the 2 hormones that are used in anti depressive medicines and that depressed people lack)

    what are you waiting for?

    • Thank you for contribution, always nice to hear from people who also try to make something technical in to something simple!
      How long are you trying the WHM?

    • about 1 year
      i feel great,breathing exercice every day,cold shower 3 minutes everyday then hot shower.
      I can swim 50meters freestyle without breathing,i could hardly do 33m before…

    • @*****
      i get some stuffs but i recover fast.
      My breathing has improved a lot.

  8. Excellent Video!Thank You!

  9. thanks for the helpful breakdown

  10. ok, giving this a go. there doesn’t seem to be a free eBook! tried twice. will come back with results 🙂

  11. A 5 hour eating window is a common intermitting fasting cycle and not “eating once a day”. You can easily eat multiple meals in this time. OMAD usually only has 1-2 hours of eating.

  12. Yeah I do this every day in the shower it works terrific I am enjoying the ice cold water after hot shower I do not get sick I don’t believe in sickness. We are the creators of reality, so let’s dream a new dream.

  13. Very interesting. In traditional Chinese internal style Kungfu training like Taichi, we use this breathing technique as the basic breathing training to develop Qi or internal energy.

  14. I was inspired by his observations of the element and his adaptation to stress .It shows human again that mother nature is our ultimate school ,home,hospital and medicine.I started ocean swimming last summer during my work gaps .Always had freezing hands that can interrupt a heartbeat by a single touch.Insomnia,lack of focus,no determination,lack of anthusiasm ,Trauma, high cholesterol,high blood pressure and depression.As I do enjoy water and swimming I do not like cold.Not even few seconds infront of an open door refrigerator.First time I read about W.H while I was browsing youtube for tips and tricks for open ocean swimmers and dealing with cold water at the end of the summer.Today I am a daily skin swimmer ,showering at the beach no matter the climate outdoor is.The benefits of cold water and swimming helped me to focus better on my breathing ,stoke and persistence.It helped me get over many psychological fears as well as physical.I feel like i am in my 20’s again.(actually 42)I can go on and on….All i can say is mind over matter .If you want to help yourself the cure is free and the proof is yourself.There is nothing to lose and a lot to gain,understand and realize.Best to all.

  15. Thank you for such wonderful information . Keep posting such !!! thank you

  16. It’s not “breath out slow” you’re supposed to exhale without forcing and leave about 20% air in (so not a full exhale)

    • Thank you for making that even clearer, I meant the same but your explanation helps understanding it even better. Thank you.

  17. I’m 16 Days Inn the winhoff challenge I’m able to stand the cold longer I wear less clothing its December people think I’m crazy then I explained what I am doing but I do have positive results I have more energy I was suffering from depression the reason why I started it has helped

  18. Carlos Ignacio Tovar Guzmán

    Thanks for the 32 pages book that I just downloaded.

  19. I’ve been doing the breathing, cold showers and intermittent fasting for about 50 days. I was motivated out of pure desperation for my mental health. It has significantly improved my outlook on life. Really! I would never keep doing it if it wasn’t giving me some type of gain. It works.

    • Same here. 50 days today exactly. Started doing the method for my auto-immune disease and severe insomnia. Did not create miracles as yet but helping me to some extend, and that’s the beginning I believe.

    • Shill and Killary

      @Sakura Tanaka Keep it up. There is help for auto immune issues. We can regain our lives…but we must work at it. After time the work does not feel like work, but just how we run our lives. Pay close attention to your diet and how particular foods make you feel. See an osteopath if you can. It may come down to your breathing technique. Open mouth breathing is associated with AI.

    • @Shill and Killary Thanks a lot guys for your encouragement and support! Take care!

  20. Tim van der vliet

    Nice vid! I just did a review on Wim’s new book. It is truly Wim speaking as I know him. Thanks!

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