The BITTER TRUTH About Sugar & How It’s DESTROYING Your Health | Dr. Steven Gundry

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The Plant Paradox

Full program notes as well as transcript:

You have actually heard me state it prior to but it bears repeating: Sugar is among the worst points for your wellness– yet it's hiding in mostly all the foods we consistently eat.

As a matter of fact the average American consumes about 153 pounds of sugar annually whether they recognize it or not.
For reference, that's about the dimension of a baby giraffe– and our health and wellness is paying the price.
But the good news exists is something you can do regarding it.
On this episode, I share my ideal suggestions for kicking a sugar addiction despite how severe.
I also expose another unexpected "wellness enemy" – as well as how this organic food "beloved" can destroy your wellness.
With the info I share on this episode, you can really have your cake and consume it as well!

On this episode you'll learn:

The hidden component in most foods that is creating elevated cholesterol – as well as how to avoid it
The damaging effects sugar carries your gut microbiome (and also how to help "preserve" your good intestine germs).
Why World War 2 SAVED peoples' wellness (this is surprising).
How simply a mug of this "healthy" beverage can adversely influence your body immune system by 70% (as well as other immune compromising foods to avoid).
The weight-inducing component that might actually be more addicting than HEROIN (it remains in the majority of the foods we eat today).
The shocking reality behind food labels – and just how to correctly determine all the health-wrecking ingredients.
Why you required to "offer fruit the boot" to far better your health and wellness– and also the most convenient way to make the change.
My technique for getting ALL the gain from fruit – WITHOUT the destructive results.
The widely-used sugar choice that created me to be 70 pounds obese – and exactly how to remove it from your diet regimen completely.
3 of my favored sugar choices (they're risk-free, economical, and ideal for curbing those pleasant cravings).

Discussed on this episode:.
Unlocking the Keto Code (pre-order right here!).

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Healthy gut, slim body? You need this… | Ep192

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The Plant Paradox

Full show notes and transcript:

Got Butyrate? Yes, this things ACTUALLY does a body good!

If you've been paying attention to this podcast for awhile, you understand I love this gut-health increasing, POSTbiotic called butyrate.

In my approaching book "Unlocking the Keto Code", I'll reveal exactly how butyrate is a health rockstar for numerous factors, including its capability to aid enhance your mitochondrial feature.

And my unique visitor, John Eid, Principal Science Police officer and also founder of Pendulum, is likewise a huge butyrate follower. As a matter of fact, he's built an occupation around it by researching genomic modern technology and also the microbiome for over 2 years.

On this episode, he offers us an interesting 411 on all points butyrate.

We additionally discuss why this special postbiotic is so vital for wellness as well as exactly how to ensure your body generates enough of it so you live a long, healthy and balanced life!

On this episode you'll learn:
Why your "intestine yard" wont thrive without THESE 3 substances (and also just how to obtain even more of them) (6:00).
The "money" of the digestive tract– as well as why it's so vital for general health (including the avoidance of metabolic ailment) (9:00).
How to recognize if your body is producing butyrate or otherwise (as well as how to check yourself right at home) (12:00).
2 scrumptious, easy means to promote your body's production of butyrate (14:30).
Why THIS my be responsible for persistent weight-loss– and also how to recover your body's ability to burn fat (19:00).
My FAVORITE digestive tract bug, why it's so crucial for total wellness, and exactly how YOU can obtain it in supplement kind (for the really first time!) (23:30).
Why many people are running reduced on this essential gut buddy– as well as exactly how to support your body's supply (30:00).
Just how 2 of my people with high-insulin levels totally reversed their health– by making ONE modification (33:00).

Discussed on this episode:.
Pendulum Life Site (usage code GUNDRY for 20% off).

#akkermansia #Probiotics #Butyrate.

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Explained: Vagal Nerve Stimulation | Ep191

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The Plant Paradox

Complete show notes and transcript:

Can you improve the top quality of your sleep, destress, boost your emphasis and also improve your mood with a pair of earphones?

Well my guest states yes!

On this episode, I speak with Dr. Daniel Cartledge, an interventional discomfort physician at the National Pain Institute. Along with his sibling, Dr. Richard Cartledge, he invented and also patented Xen headphones.

These unique earbuds are designed to in fact stimulate the vagus nerve– which you've heard me discuss in my publications. It is the interaction pathway between your brain as well as your other organs.

On this episode, we speak about the science behind Xen and how your brain connects to your total wellness.
On this episode you'll learn:
What your EARS pertain to experiencing sensations of bliss– and what you can do in the house to really feel much more loosened up and delighted (1:33).
Just how maturing modifications the "equilibrium in your brain"– and what you can do regarding it (5:48).
Exactly how pain monitoring has actually dramatically transformed over the last couple of decades– as well as what it may imply for your health (6:45).
Dr. Cartledge's trick for supporting his focus, mood, and even mind health (and also how you can attempt it right from home) (8:30).
Why you might wish to consider this "headphone-like" device before obtaining vagus nerve surgical treatment (10:54).
Just how your vagus nerve is linked to your gastrointestinal system (as well as just how their connection can help you slim down) (14:16).
The technique professional athletes do to aid them recover much faster in just thirty minutes– and also exactly how to attempt it for yourself (25:00).

Discussed on this episode:.
Neuvana Life.

Neuvana's Instagram.

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Are YOU Brainwashed By Fruit? | Ep190.5

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The Plant Paradox

Complete show notes and also transcript:

Whether you're just starting on the Plant Paradox or you've been following my program for a while currently– you have actually possibly observed: making dietary adjustment doesn't always come easy.

But as you recognize, I'm right here to assist you on your trip to health– as well as make YOUR lectin-free life as straightforward (as well as tasty) as possible.

So on this episode, I address your inquiries about following the Plant Paradox program– including why you should provide "fruit the boot" and also yummy ways to feed your great digestive tract friends.

Your inquiries motivate me! So keep writing in with anything YOU'RE curious concerning.

On this episode you'll find out:
Why numerous individuals deal with THIS intestine health issue (without even recognizing it)– and just how the PP program may be able to aid (5:00).
6 of the best means to incorporate immune starch right into your diet for much better food digestion and overall wellness (6:00).
What your intestine involves your MOOD– and also just how eating this can support mental health and also sensations of joy (11:00).
The trick to healthy and balanced, comfortable bowel movements (as well as what your stool must resemble) (18:30).
Just how this delicious treat supports the growth of "great intestine buddies" (and why the serving size issues) (19:00).
The real distinction in between simple and also complicated carbohydrates– and the only time I accept of eating straightforward carbohydrates (like prepared carrots) (26:00).
The fact regarding "all-natural" sugar (as well as various other "stealthy sugars")– and how it contrasts to opium (30:00).
Why I recommend providing "fruit the boot"– and the primary step to lowering your consumption (31:00).

Mentioned on this episode:.

Plant Mystery – order right here.

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Why are THESE people living so long? | Ep190

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The Plant Paradox

Full program notes as well as records:

What happens if YOU could open the keys of the longest-lived people on earth?
Well, I have actually got excellent information: You can.
On this episode I do a deep dive on Blue Zones– the 5 geographic areas that are home to some of the globe's longest-living individuals– and also allow you in on some secrets that can assist YOU live the longest, healthiest life feasible.
And as the only nutrition specialist to spend a lot of their job living in a blue zone, I can inform you that these keys are likely NOT what you're anticipating
I breast some of the biggest blue area myths, reveal my # 1 longevity-booster when it concerns diet, as well as share how YOU can establish yourself approximately live a long, healthy life– no matter your place.
I'll also address a few of YOUR most pushing inquiries on the matter– directly from my instagram!

On this episode you'll learn:
Unusual foods that might be shortening your life-span– and exactly how to aid counter the damages (10:06).
Why Italians prevent THESE 2 foods (they're most likely in your cupboard)– and just how you can ditch them for good (11:09).
The common measure in ALL blue zones– and just how it can assist YOU live a much healthier, longer life (12:46).
What lots of people misunderstand about this "bad-for-you" food– and why it's so popular in many of heaven areas (16:20).
Why I consider myself a "veg-aquarian"– and the dietary adjustments you can make to enjoy major wellness advantages (19:30).
My must-know durability key as well as how it functions as a device for weight-loss (tip: it has nothing to do with diet plan) (22:50).
The optimal method to quickly for optimum advantages– as well as what to do when you obtain starving) (28:39).
How individuals in heaven areas avoid THIS health-wrecker– and how you can also (35:00).
Exactly how I have actually altered my way of life since living in a blue zone (and also simple modifications you can make TODAY) (37:28).

Stated on this episode:.
Unlocking the Keto Code.

The Durability Paradox.

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Dr. Gundry + Impact Theory: Unlock YOUR greatness | Ep189

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The Plant Paradox

Complete show notes and transcript:
Below's an amazing question: What influence do YOU want to have on the globe?
For me, it's getting the word out regarding the value of health and nourishment– and aiding as many people as possible real-time better, much longer lives.
As well as my guest states that no matter WHAT your desires are– you have the power to turn them into truth.
He's been called as one of one of the most influential entrepreneurs of the 21st century– and he's developed a ton of money of greater than 400 million bucks by welcoming his role as a "pupil of life".
He's Tom Bilyeu, the co-founder of Pursuit Nourishment and Impact Concept– a meeting reveal that discovers the way of thinkings of the globe's highest possible up-and-comers.
On this episode, Tom as well as I expose the secrets to creating your interest, seeking your objective, as well as making your mark on the world. We likewise explain why your connections with loved ones are your most important possessions, and also just how to purchase them for a better, extra meeting life.

On this episode you'll learn:
Tom's "gratification formula" to locating your objective as well as living a much more enjoyable life– and also just how to take that first step (15:00).
The "healthy and balanced" snack that was leaving Tom with persistent brain haze– as well as just how to safely "experiment" on your body to locate the foods that work for YOU (18:00).
The link in between uric acid levels as well as Covid-19– and what it might imply for your health (particularly if you're a "fruit-eater") (20:00).
Tom's "break" device for conquering difficulties in your connections (and how to use difficulties as a catapult for development) (30:00).
Why you required to be asking your companion significant yet high-risk inquiries (and also questions to get you began) (34:00).
Just how living as a "student of life" can aid you reduce anxiety, really feel better as well as reach your complete capacity– and 2 books to help you get started (39:00).
Why I don't advise retirement for any person– and also what to do instead for happier, extra meeting life (41:00).

Stated on this episode:.
State of mind: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck.

Man's Look for Definition by Viktor E. Frankl.

Tom Bilyeu Reading Checklist.

Web 3.0 Foundation.

Tom's Twitter.

Tom's Youtube.

Tom's Instagram.

Tom's LinkedIn.

Influence Concept Podcast.

Connection Concept Podcast.

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Dr. Gundry says: Make THESE resolutions (skip the rest) | Ep188

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The Plant Paradox

#NewYears #NewYearsResolutions #Gundry
Complete show notes and also transcript:

The brand-new year is just around the corner.
And with a new year comes a clean slate …
A chance to review your life as well as make objectives to develop what you actually desire 2022 to appear like.
Yes, occupation, spiritual, and partnership intents are very crucial.
However on this episode I focus on health and wellness resolutions. After all – when your health and wellness is taken care of, everything else is less complicated to deal with.
And also I'm not speaking insane over the top, lose-100-pounds-in-a-month New Year's resolutions, but tiny wellness goals you can really adhere to.
In my technique I've observed that individuals that make mini objectives are most successful.
So on this episode I reveal you just how to facilitate, minor modifications to your existing regimen … instead of revamping whatever.
I share 5 straightforward resolutions that will certainly make a radical enhancement in your health so you can enjoy a much longer, better, and also extra energetic life!

On this episode you'll learn:
Just how songs can sustain your health and fitness goals and also happiness (1:45).
The one prescription I suggest for every single client (no matter their health history)– as well as just how you can benefit too (3:55).
What 98% of individuals with weight problems share– and what it indicates for YOUR health (despite your weight) (9:48).
The "schedule change" that can encourage you to make massive health improvements (even weight loss) (10:30).
The meat that the majority of Americans consume daily that causes cardiovascular disease (and also various other unsafe meats you ought to stay clear of) (13:49).
2 so-thought "organic food" that are in fact maturing you– and also what to eat rather (16:39).
The most effective sources of healthy protein (it's most likely NOT what you assume)– as well as the trick to eating the proper portion dimensions (19:00).
The wellness gadget that has actually aided hundreds fulfill their health and wellness goals– and also what it can do for YOU (24:30).
Why 98% of Americans aren't obtaining enough of THIS supernutrient– and tips for conveniently integrating it into your diet (29:05).
Why lots of people stop practicing their Brand-new Year's resolutions after February 5th (and my life-altering commitment trick to following through on your objectives) (33:00).

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Luke Storey | Your choices are POWERFUL (here’s why) | Ep187

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The Plant Paradox

Full program notes and also records:

Ever before become aware of a celeb style stylist? How about a way of living design professional?
Well, my visitor is a specialist in both.
He's Luke Storey, a transformational coach, public speaker, and also business owner that has invested the last twenty years creating and refining the best lifestyle. Luke shares his methods for recovery as well as happiness through his way of life design coaching system, YouTube channel, and extremely popular podcast, The Life Stylist. And also currently, he's here to help take your health and wellness – and also your design – to the next level!
On this episode, Luke as well as I will share what living the supreme way of life could imply for YOU, expert fashion guidance to aid you look and feel your outright finest– no matter your spending plan, and ideas as well as methods for maximizing your health as well as joy.

On this episode you'll find out:
How cultivating spirituality in your life might really alter your physical biology (as well as support your mental health at the same time) (9:20).
The minutes-long early morning routine that can alter your life! (11:00).
How the method you take a shower can considerably change your state of mind (18:16).
The surprising fact about the risks of living in a big city (could they be affecting YOUR wellness?) (19:05).
The safety device in your kid's room that might really be hurting them – and exactly how to reduce the dangers (30:00).
Why I haven't utilized sunscreen in decades (and never get a sunburn)– as well as the unexpected technique I use instead (38:55).
Why the method you clothe could really be impacting your mental health and wellness( and also suggestions for using your closet to increase your self-confidence) (48:06).
Why purchasing "trendy garments" can be a cash trap– as well as my closet method to conserving some serious money (50:20).

#LukeStorey #Gundry #Fashion.

Stated on this episode:.
The Life Stylist Podcast.

Luke Floor.

EMF Master Class.


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The shocking history of YOUR favorite food | Ep186

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The Plant Paradox

#MattSiegel #DrGundry #Food
Full program notes as well as transcript:

As a species we're almost hardwired to stress over food.

And from the cultural connections, to the preference and nutritional profiles– our expertise of food is vast, and also increases in many directions.

However what the majority of people DON'T understand, is that foods come with an exceptionally abundant and also interesting history– including their initial purpose, importance, and also dynamic partnership with human beings.

And also my guest talks all about it.

On this episode, I speak with Matt Siegel, previous English Professor and also author of the book The Secret Background of Food: Strange Yet Real Stories Regarding the Beginnings of Everything We Consume.

Matt and I uncover the surprise realities behind popular foods, including our poisonous codependency with corn, and also the perpetual trouble with the majority of industrial olive oil. We likewise disclose why tomatoes were once condemned for witchcraft and also monsters, as well as potatoes for syphilis as well as leprosy!

On this episode you'll discover:
The BIG problem with corn (just how it's injuring our bodies as well as our planet) (4:00).
Why it's nearly difficult to absolutely "consume like your ancestors"– and also what to do rather( 11:00).
The health-destroying food lots of people are unconsciously consuming EVERY day– and just how to prevent it (12:30).
The regrettable reality regarding the majority of olive oil on the marketplace– as well as just how to decode in between an actual olive oil and a bottle of "poisonous substance" (20:00).
Why grain was very first produced to be horrible (as well as was also creating broken teeth!)– as well as exactly how it advanced to be the sugar-bomb Americans love today (24:00).
Why our old forefathers were really worried of tomatoes (and also why YOU still must be!) (33:00).
The oral hygiene trick that benefits nearly all of my clients– and also exactly how you can conveniently include it right into your regimen( 42:00).

Mentioned on this episode:.
The Secret History of Food: Odd however True Stories About the Origins of Everything We Consume.

Matt's Internet site.

Matt's Instagram.

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Best of November 2021 | Dr. Gundry Podcast

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The Plant Paradox

#DrGundryPodcast #DrGundry #BestOfNovember
The mission of the Dr. Gundry Podcast is to assist you live your finest life – mind, body, and soul – by empowering you with the tools and also knowledge you require. Dr. Gundry interviews a few of the globe's leading health and wellness experts to glean life-altering insights and also supplies advanced health recommendations throughout his topical talks.
Missed an episode of the Dr. Gundry Podcast this month? View the highlights from each episode from the month of November at one time!

– Timestamps –
00:05 – Just how to feed your dog (for health as well as longevity).
05:03 – Are you consuming alcohol toxic substances?
13:07 – Fast food, yet helpful for you (below's exactly how).
17:06 – What stomach fat REALLY suggests.

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