THIS Makes Losing Weight EASY- Shawn Stevenson on How To Eat Smarter & Live Healthier

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The Plant Paradox

Learn exactly how you can make weight reduction very easy!
Do calories really matter? What's the true impact of sharing a family members dish on your overall health and wellness? And, most significantly, what are the keys to adequately nurturing your physical and psychological wellness?

In this episode, I welcome back Shawn Stevenson to shed light on all facets of nutrition– including its powerful impact on YOUR joy.

Shawn Stevenson is the owner of The Version Health Show, which holds the top place for Wellness & Health and fitness podcasts on Apple Podcasts.

Shawn Stevenson is likewise a bestselling writer and we introduce his newest publication, Consume Wiser Household Recipe Book: 100 Delicious Recipes to Transform Your Wellness, Joy, and Link, which you can acquire today –

We also review the most effective dietary choices for maximizing happiness, and share sensible tips for prospering in your own cooking area! On this episode you'll find out:
The impressive effect of your social communications on your mortality rate
The unforeseen influence of eating WITHOUT your family members on your general health
Exactly how to urge your kid to reduce phone usage and adopt healthier eating practices
Exactly how the typical American diet has changed, with a staggering 60% concentrate on ultra-processed foods (and its prospective impact on our happiness).
Why your family members's health history is NOT a significant indicator of yours.
The leading tips for a total overhaul of your family's consuming behaviors and wellness.
The fascinating reasons that our bodies yearn for particular flavors (and exactly how business leverage this expertise to compromise your nourishment).
What the F.A.S.T. diet is – and how you can quickly apply it right into your life for general wellness.
The interesting phenomenon of your mind coming to be desensitized to fabricated foods (and just how to rekindle your body's all-natural denial of these harmful alternatives).

Discussed on this episode:.
Consume Smarter Family Recipe Book: 100 Delicious Recipes to Transform Your Health, Joy, and Connection by Shawn Stevenson.
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