What is ‘The Keto Plant Paradox Intensive Care Program’ by Dr. Gundry? (BASICS)

Reviewing guide The Plant Paradox, by Dr Steven R Gundry he has 2 variation of his diet plan program:
1) The Plant Mystery Program
2) The Keto Plant Mystery Intensive Care Program

The difference? Fruit. Quit eating any type of fruit. Cut out carbohydrates entirely. Cut out sugar. Replace your fruits with Important Reds.

Keto is a high fat diet regimen. This puts your body into a state of Ketosis. Remaining in Ketosis our body makes use of fat for power. Fat we consume as well as the fat on our body.

8 days currently on The Keto Plant Mystery Intensive Treatment Program:
– Energy is up
– Clear minded
– Reduction in body fat

I enjoy this diet regimen. It has actually already made a massive change in my life as well as im hardly over 1 week into it.

Please comment below your ideas and also any kind of inquiries you have about this variation of the program.


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I am not a medical professional. I am not offering any clinical advise. Always check with your doctor prior to starting any brand-new health care program.

Video Creitd:
1) What I have actually Discovered (Youtube).
2) Gundry MD (Youtube).

Dr. Gundry on Which sweeteners are safe to use when quitting sugar

My 4 secure sweeteners: stevia, erythritol, xylitol as well as monk fruit. Usage in moderation and also not frequently.