The shocking history of YOUR favorite food | Ep186

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Full program notes as well as transcript:

As a species we're almost hardwired to stress over food.

And from the cultural connections, to the preference and nutritional profiles– our expertise of food is vast, and also increases in many directions.

However what the majority of people DON'T understand, is that foods come with an exceptionally abundant and also interesting history– including their initial purpose, importance, and also dynamic partnership with human beings.

And also my guest talks all about it.

On this episode, I speak with Matt Siegel, previous English Professor and also author of the book The Secret Background of Food: Strange Yet Real Stories Regarding the Beginnings of Everything We Consume.

Matt and I uncover the surprise realities behind popular foods, including our poisonous codependency with corn, and also the perpetual trouble with the majority of industrial olive oil. We likewise disclose why tomatoes were once condemned for witchcraft and also monsters, as well as potatoes for syphilis as well as leprosy!

On this episode you'll discover:
The BIG problem with corn (just how it's injuring our bodies as well as our planet) (4:00).
Why it's nearly difficult to absolutely "consume like your ancestors"– and also what to do rather( 11:00).
The health-destroying food lots of people are unconsciously consuming EVERY day– and just how to prevent it (12:30).
The regrettable reality regarding the majority of olive oil on the marketplace– as well as just how to decode in between an actual olive oil and a bottle of "poisonous substance" (20:00).
Why grain was very first produced to be horrible (as well as was also creating broken teeth!)– as well as exactly how it advanced to be the sugar-bomb Americans love today (24:00).
Why our old forefathers were really worried of tomatoes (and also why YOU still must be!) (33:00).
The oral hygiene trick that benefits nearly all of my clients– and also exactly how you can conveniently include it right into your regimen( 42:00).

Mentioned on this episode:.
The Secret History of Food: Odd however True Stories About the Origins of Everything We Consume.

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Dr. Gundry: “What the HECK are polyphenols?” | Ep163

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Dark Chocolate. Olive oil. Red wine.

What do these 3 foods all share?

If you thought polyphenols, then you are absolutely RIGHT.

On this episode, I speak everything about these remarkable trace elements, what they can do for your health, why my critics are WRONG regarding them, as well as the very best (and worst) resources of polyphenols around.

I likewise invite you to join me in commemorating all the terrific benefits of polyphenols on June 11th, which is National Polyphenol Day. It's a vacation my team developed to educate individuals regarding polyphenols– and also it takes place to additionally be my birthday!

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On this episode you'll discover:
How polyphenols can help shield YOU from environmental stress factors also (1:00).
The real factor leaves "alter shades" in the fall (you'll never doubt the power of polyphenols once more)( 2:30).
What all great winemakers learn about polyphenols– and also how to choose grapes with one of the most safety residential or commercial properties (4:30).
The genuine factor I LOVE olive oil (it has nothing to do with the healthy fats)– as well as my effectiveness technique for evaluating the top quality of your olive oil (5:00).
The most recent sophisticated details about polyphenols (as well as why they're much more powerful than we assumed) (7:30).
One polyphenol false impression you MUST ignore– and also the amazing benefits these nutrients can have on your gut (12:00).
Why the SHADE of your food issues– and also how heaven areas show it (15:00).
Why I always say "much more bitter, much more much better"– as well as how following this rule can transform your health and wellness (21:00).
How to sustain your heart health by eating CHOCOLATE (but you should follow THESE regulations)( 22:00).
Why you should seek THESE labels on your next bottle of red wine– as well as 2 of my favored white wine companies (25:00).
3 polyphenol-rich foods that I do NOT advise and also why (29:00).

Stated on this episode:.

The Power Paradox: What to Do When Your Get‑Up‑and‑Go Has Obtained up and also Gone– (pre-order right here!).

Your Diet NEEDS Olive Oil | Dr. Gundry Clips

Some health and wellness topics are so important, they require to be shared twice. If you didn't catch Dr. Gundry's extremely interesting talk with T.J. Robison, AKA the "Olive Oil Seeker", right here is a clip featuring some of the most vital lessons from the episode.

Watch the full podcast episode below:



Dr. Gundry carries out an experiment to show the shocking advantages of olive oil to your heart … and the stunning repercussions of not getting sufficient of it. Dr. Gundry advises eating a liter of olive oil a week. Truly amazing.