“Dr. Gundry – Is it bad to eat eggs EVERY day?” (and other questions) | Ep177

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Complete program notes as well as records:
It's Q&A time!
On this episode of The Dr. Gundry Podcast, I answer even more of YOUR questions– right from social media sites and also Apple Podcast evaluates.
Your inquiries motivate me! As well as some of your concerns have inspired every little thing from stand-alone podcast episodes to segments of my publications.
So maintain creating in with anything YOU'RE curious about.
On this episode you'll find out:
One of the very best pleasant treats you can have on the PP Program (you can discover it at neighborhood grocery stores and also even filling station) (0:30).
Why I advise every one of my patients concerning THIS prominent nut (and how to tell if it's safe you YOU) (2:00).
The amazing foods I've contributed to my YES listing (and the very best methods to fit them right into your diet regimen) (4:00).
Why I no more accept of THIS preferred snack (and also the substitute that will make you neglect all about it)( 5:30).
Properly to prepare mushrooms (and also a few of the healthiest mushrooms you can consume) (7:00).
Why your supplement regular matters– and also 2 tips for obtaining the most out of your supplements (10:00).
Where to discover my deep dive into all points Spirulina and also Chlorella– as well as the brand name I suggest most( 11:00).
Why I recommend THIS to some of my patients with high cholesterol (it's quickly available as well as unbelievably efficient) (12:00).
The REAL reason to consume eggs (it's not for the healthy protein)– as well as the amount of eggs is a lot of (15:00).
How this extremely preferred drink is destroying your wellness (and also perhaps causing weight gain)– and also what to drink rather( 21:00).
The SINGLE most important component you can include in your diet to support a healthy and balanced thyroid (and where to get it)( 23:00).

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