Can foods fix cancer? She says yes | Ep48

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The Plant Paradox

Liana Werner-Gray– very popular author of The Planet Diet Plan and Cancer-Free with Food– talks with me about her fish story of personal recuperation, exactly how she beat her convenience food yearnings, and the straightforward recipes you can try in your home to enjoy several of one of the most powerful cancer-fighting foods on earth. Not only that, yet you'll likewise find out about the vitamin you NEED for cancer cells prevention, the "extremely green" Liana swears by, and the very best means to buy healthy components (also on a budget). So whether you're worried about your diet regimen or simply wish to find out some great cooking area pointers, this episode is an absolute must-listen.

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Pointed out on this episode:
The Longevity Mystery

Cancer-Free with Food

Liana's story (consisting of a picture of her clinical record).

Toxic substances in farm-raised seafood.

Sunscreen threats (a scientific review).

My 7 Deadly Disruptors.

UC San Diego research on Vitamin D and bust cancer.

Lycopene and risk of prostate cancer.

Delicious chocolate as medicine.

Prize-winning chef Jimmy Schmidt.

The power of turmeric and black pepper.


Liana's recipes:.
Tigernut Crusted Chicken Tenders.

Tigernut Cookie Dough.

Chocolate Coconut Cups.

Immune-boosting Turmeric Extract Black Pepper Tea.

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Exclusive: Hannah Bronfman's Tricks To Wellness, Revealed.

The Holistic Method To Cancer Cells Treatment|Dr. Laura Nasi.

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The Longevity Paradox Diet

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The Plant Paradox

When you listen to the word "longevity", you might envision a longer life, or even better, a higher quality of life that extends into your later years. But longevity also describes producing long-lasting healthy habits that can be applied daily. So- to celebrate his new publication, The Longevity Paradox, Steven Gundry MD has chosen to share the 3 crucial longevity keys (that you can carry out as soon as possible!) In this way, you can take the first steps toward long life currently … While you're awaiting The Durability Paradox to show up in your mailbox.

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Can your diet help you “age” backwards?| Ep49

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The Plant Paradox

Can your diet plan assistance you "age" backwards?|Aging Backwards
I think we can all concur: When you look excellent, you FEEL good. And while things like updating your hairdo or getting a health facility treatment can definitely "raise" your appearance, absolutely nothing can replace the appearance-boosting benefits of proper nutrition. In fact, the appropriate diet regimen can really slow the aging process, assisting you look much better than ever before. On this episode, Dr. Steven Gundry MD shares some shocking dietary advice for stunning skin, hair, and also nails. These easy pointers can make you look YEARS more youthful, so you'll want to hear them for yourself.

Stated on this episode:

The Durability Paradox

Vitamin C for collagen production


Edible sunscreen

The dangers of mainstream sunscreen

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Dr. Gundry's Top Long life Myths, Revealed

Bone Broth: Is This Collagen-Based Health Fad REALLY Healthy?

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Dr. Gundry’s The Plant Paradox – Lectin Theory, Explained | Ep45

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The Plant Paradox

On this episode of the Dr. Gundry Podcast, I'm mosting likely to take you on a journey of discovery. I'll clarify the beginnings of my lectin concept of illness, share helpful ideas and also methods for cutting lectins out of your diet regimen, and also review the study that helped strengthen my research. You're likewise mosting likely to hear me answer a few of my fiercest movie critics as well as address the significant scientific scholarship underpinning everything I've blogged about lectins.

Mentioned on this episode:

The Long life Paradox

The Plant Mystery

My meeting with Dr. David Perlmutter

Changed edition of Dr. Perlmutter's Grain Mind

Dad of the Paleo Diet Plan– Loren Cordain, PhD

My meeting with Dave and also Jann Hales

My abstract on remission of autoimmune illness with a lectin-free diet

Do dietary lectins cause illness? (Initially released in the British Medical Journal.).

Lectins as well as Parkinson's Illness (2016 paper).

Lectins and also Parkinson's Disease (2018 paper).

2011 Nobel Reward in Medication for research on toll-like receptors.

Veggies with Vision: Do Plants See the Globe around Them?

Plants can see, hear, scent, as well as react.

Colonel Robert Gibbon Johnson risked his life to aid tomatoes under test.

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Why Cutting Grains Can Save Your Life|Dr. David Perlmutter.

" Cured" of Crohn's Condition? Just how diet regimen makes a distinction.

Just how to EYEBALL lectin web content.

Are there great lectins? Plant Paradox loopholes.

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Are YOU Brainwashed By Fruit? | Ep190.5

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The Plant Paradox

Complete show notes and also transcript:

Whether you're just starting on the Plant Paradox or you've been following my program for a while currently– you have actually possibly observed: making dietary adjustment doesn't always come easy.

But as you recognize, I'm right here to assist you on your trip to health– as well as make YOUR lectin-free life as straightforward (as well as tasty) as possible.

So on this episode, I address your inquiries about following the Plant Paradox program– including why you should provide "fruit the boot" and also yummy ways to feed your great digestive tract friends.

Your inquiries motivate me! So keep writing in with anything YOU'RE curious concerning.

On this episode you'll find out:
Why numerous individuals deal with THIS intestine health issue (without even recognizing it)– and just how the PP program may be able to aid (5:00).
6 of the best means to incorporate immune starch right into your diet for much better food digestion and overall wellness (6:00).
What your intestine involves your MOOD– and also just how eating this can support mental health and also sensations of joy (11:00).
The trick to healthy and balanced, comfortable bowel movements (as well as what your stool must resemble) (18:30).
Just how this delicious treat supports the growth of "great intestine buddies" (and why the serving size issues) (19:00).
The real distinction in between simple and also complicated carbohydrates– and the only time I accept of eating straightforward carbohydrates (like prepared carrots) (26:00).
The fact regarding "all-natural" sugar (as well as various other "stealthy sugars")– and how it contrasts to opium (30:00).
Why I recommend providing "fruit the boot"– and the primary step to lowering your consumption (31:00).

Mentioned on this episode:.

Plant Mystery – order right here.

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Best of October 2021 | Dr. Gundry Podcast

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The Plant Paradox

#DrGundryPodcast #DrGundry #BestOfOctober
The objective of the Dr. Gundry Podcast is to assist you live your ideal life – mind, body, and soul – by empowering you with the devices as well as expertise you require. Dr. Gundry interviews several of the globe's leading health specialists to glean life-changing insights and also offers advanced wellness advice during his topical lectures.

Missed an episode of the Dr. Gundry Podcast this month? See the highlights from each episode from the month of October simultaneously!

Time stamps
00:06 – You tin beverage this milk (Even on the Gundry Strategy)|Ep176
02:24 – "Dr. Gundry – Is it poor to eat eggs each day?" (and also other questions)|Ep177
04:15 – This is one effective mushroom|Ep178
05:53 – Just how to: Open the RIGHT job opportunities (and also discover profession delight)|Ep179

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Dr. Herman Pontzer – Everything we know about metabolism is WRONG | Ep170

#HermanPontzer #DrGundry #Metabolisim
By now, you most likely understand I'm consumed with POWER.

So this episode is actually exciting to me. My visitor and also I take a deep study our power production by taking a close look at among the last true hunter-gatherer societies on Earth– the Hadza.

I'm signed up with by Dr. Herman Pontzer, an Associate Professor of Sociology at Battle each other University and also writer of the book Burn: New Study Blows the Cover Off Just How We Truly Shed Calories, Slim Down, and also Stay Healthy and balanced.

Dr. Pontzer was likewise lately included in The New York Times for his amazing study on metabolism and also durability.

On this episode, he and also I reveal the TRUTH concerning your metabolic process, discuss why working out WON'T necessarily cause even more fat-burning, and also why the 2,000 calorie a day diet regimen may be all WRONG.

On this episode you'll learn:
What lots of people mistake about metabolism– as well as how recognizing truth functions of your metabolic rate can aid you live a healthier, much longer life (2:00).
Why a lot more workout does NOT mean more calories burned– and also what REALLY matters for weight reduction (3:30).
Why smaller sized pets live much shorter lives (it's not what you assume)– as well as what your metabolic rate reveals regarding YOUR life expectancy (8:00).
Why your "power budget plan" is SO crucial– and also just how to "spend calories intelligently" for much better wellness (10:00).
Why I exercise "workout snacking" instead of going to the health club– as well as just how YOU can embrace this strategy for much better health and wellness (it's an overall game changer for busy people) (18:00).
What the Hadza culture has taught us concerning diet and intestine health– and why you ought to NOT get rid of certain food groups from your diet plan completely (20:00).
What exciting new study claims regarding the connection in between workout and also your brain wellness (this will certainly make you WANT to workout) (25:00).
Why ladies that do THIS are 80% less likely to establish alzhiemer' z and also dementia– and also exactly how YOU can start purchasing your mind health and wellness today (26:30).

Stated on this episode:.
The Pontzer Laboratory.

More Info on the Hazda neighborhood (click on this link!).

Melt By Dr. Herman Pontzer.

The Energy Paradox: What to Do When Your Get‑Up‑and‑Go Has Got up and also Gone– (order below!).

Why we overeat (and what to do about it) | Ep159

#DavidRaubenheimer #DrGundry #EatLiketheAnimals
What do you have in common with a cicada?
My guest today says you have A GREAT DEAL more alike with the locust than you believe.
As a matter of fact, this similarity isn't restricted to cicadas– it's something we share with EVERY pet in the whole pet kingdom …
As well as it could change the way YOU consider food as well as diet plan FOR LIFE.
I'm signed up with today by David Raubenheimer. David is the Leonard P. Ullmann Chair in Nutritional Ecology at the College of Sydney and co-author of the incredible publication called Eat Like the Animals: What Nature Teaches United States Regarding the Science of Healthy Consuming – contemporary in book edition!
As well as think me, I absolutely LIKE this publication, which is why on today's episode we're going to dive DEEP right into its contents.
You're going to find out the TRUTH about your food cravings, how much healthy protein you must TRULY be eating, what so many diet plans obtain totally MISDOING, as well as a lot more.

In this episode, you'll find out:
What grasshoppers can educate you about the ideal human diet (3:30).
Exactly how pets in the wild always eat the correct amount of fats, proteins, as well as carbohydrates (8:35).
Why ALL pets seek out one certain macronutrient (11:00).
The REAL resource of the excessive weight epidemic (this is surprising) (15:15).
Why we love to binge on refined carbs (as well as it's NOT what you assume) (16:55).
Why the predator and Atkins diet regimens work (and also why they STOP WORKING in the long-term) (17:45).
The nutrient that's missing from the majority of people's diet regimens (plus, why eating even more of THIS carbohydrate can actually assist you slim down) (22:35).
What 95% of Americans get WRONG concerning fiber (and just how you can become part of the 5%) (28:00).
Why the keto diet is actually an "emergency situation" diet (30:30).
The surprising impacts of a high-protein diet plan (and also what breast milk can instruct us concerning proper human nutrition) (33:45).
Exactly how ultra-processed foods "hack" your body's all-natural taste receptors as well as make you eat way too much fats and carbohydrates (39:30).
The cheats the huge food business use to perplex us regarding what to eat (45:00).
Just how to easily determine how much healthy protein you need to be eating each day (47:55).
The ONE problem with fasting (but why this "trouble" can really be a good thing in the long-term) (56:00).
What apes understand regarding FAT that we do not (59:30).
Why you should (almost) always eat baked nuts (and which nuts are best consumed raw) (01:04:00).

Complete Show notes:.

Mentioned on this episode:.
Consume Like the Pets (order your duplicate).

The Long life Paradox.

The Energy Paradox.

Sellers of Question.

USDA Nutrient Calculator.

Teacher David Raubenheimer's research study.

Professor Stephen Simpson's study (David's co-author on Consume Like the Animals).

Exclusive: The Energy Paradox sneak preview | Ep142

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Aging | This Lifespan Book Will Change Your Life

It's clear: There's a major health and wellness dilemma in this country.
Virtually 3 out of every 4 American grownups is overweight or overweight. 10s of millions of Americans have actually gotten sick with COVID-19. And also autoimmune illness seem to be rising.
But there's another MAJOR problem– and also while it's not something you'll review current, it is something that I see in my practice every day.
I'm talking about persistent low energy degrees. And also it appears like it's even starting to affect people at more youthful and also younger ages. It's not unusual for me to see people in their 40s, 30s, and occasionally also younger, grumbling about LOW energy levels. Well, I made a decision to do something regarding it.
So on today's episode of The Dr. Gundry Podcast, I'm going to give you an exclusive preview of my brand new book, The Energy Paradox: What To Do When Your Get Up And Go Has Got Up As Well As Gone. You're going to find out the surprising root cause of low energy, the 2 foods you REQUIRED to start eating to boost your power, and also the 3 basic things you can do at home TODAY to start accelerating your body batteries.
Think me, I am EXTREMELY excited to share this knowledge with you today.

Pre-order your copy of The Power Paradox currently:

Drop in. It's complimentary. Enjoy 250+ channels of totally free TV as well as 1000's of on-demand motion pictures and also TV shows.
Get free shipping around the world as well as 15% off any kind of Blublox glasses by mosting likely to or go into code GUNDRY at check out.

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From 7 prescriptions a day – to the “clean 7” | Ep141

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Aging | This Lifespan Book Will Change Your Life

The statistics are surprising: We are discharging greater than 250 billion lots of chemical compounds every year– yes, you review that right, 250 BILLION TONS.

Also scarier, it's approximated that 12 million individuals– that's 1 in 4– die each year from health and wellness problems triggered by air, water, as well as dirt contamination; chemical exposure; and climate modification.

Yet my visitor claims that via the power of cleansing– and also even more notably, FOOD– we can sustain our body's all-natural capability to repel disease and also recuperate from bothersome illness.

Joining me for this episode is a friend of mine, Dr. Alejandro Junger. Years earlier, we met when he was a young cardiologist years ago at Desert Medical in Palm Springs and we created a friendship, and also did relief operate in India together.

Dr. Junger is additionally a cardiologist, creator of the Tidy program, as well as a three-time New york city Times bestselling writer, including his most current book CLEAN 7.

And also on this episode, we're going to explain just how YOU can harness several of one of the most effective healing devices in the world to lose your very own persistent signs and symptoms and illnesses forever.

Full transcript as well as show notes:

#Detox #DrJunger #DrGundry

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