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The Plant Paradox

I was wrong!
And I'm not the only one.
Turns out, health specialists worldwide were incorrect about how the keto diet plan functions.

Yet you know what?
I accept figuring out I'm incorrect. As a matter of fact, it inspires me!
You see, I'm devoted to RE-searching, meaning continuing to 'look again' at our current mainstream health and wellness beliefs searching for the reality.
So for this episode, I share some brand-new, innovative research study with you pertaining to the ketogenic diet plan.

And also, I also give a preview right into my brand-new publication, Unlocking the Keto Code – Available to purchase here –

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On this episode you'll discover:
The background of the ketogenic diet plan– as well as why it has come to be increasingly preferred over the last several years
Why 60% of people on a traditional keto diet plan FAIL– and what makes MY version of the keto diet regimen extremely simple to adhere to (and also extremely reliable).
Why some people can apparently eat whatever they desire and continue to be slim (while others CAN'T)– and what it could mean for your health and wellness.
The REAL factor behind "persistent fat" that just won't budge– and just how to "hack" your body to utilize fat as power.
The greatest MYTH concerning ketones– and also exactly how to get ALL the advantages of a ketogenic diet regimen– without going keto!
The genuine KEY to efficient power production, a slim body, and also a long healthy life (and also why it's NOT ketones).
The # 1 modification you must apply TODAY to have a maximum impact on your wellness, weight as well as longevity (it has absolutely nothing to do with what you consume).
My thoughts on "Hard Ketones", the keto-friendly alcohol business– and what I recommend rather for obtaining a healthy supply of MCT's.

Complete notes as well as transcript here -.

Discussed on this episode:.
Opening the Keto Code Order here -.

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Healthy gut, slim body? You need this… | Ep192

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The Plant Paradox

Full show notes and transcript:

Got Butyrate? Yes, this things ACTUALLY does a body good!

If you've been paying attention to this podcast for awhile, you understand I love this gut-health increasing, POSTbiotic called butyrate.

In my approaching book "Unlocking the Keto Code", I'll reveal exactly how butyrate is a health rockstar for numerous factors, including its capability to aid enhance your mitochondrial feature.

And my unique visitor, John Eid, Principal Science Police officer and also founder of Pendulum, is likewise a huge butyrate follower. As a matter of fact, he's built an occupation around it by researching genomic modern technology and also the microbiome for over 2 years.

On this episode, he offers us an interesting 411 on all points butyrate.

We additionally discuss why this special postbiotic is so vital for wellness as well as exactly how to ensure your body generates enough of it so you live a long, healthy and balanced life!

On this episode you'll learn:
Why your "intestine yard" wont thrive without THESE 3 substances (and also just how to obtain even more of them) (6:00).
The "money" of the digestive tract– as well as why it's so vital for general health (including the avoidance of metabolic ailment) (9:00).
How to recognize if your body is producing butyrate or otherwise (as well as how to check yourself right at home) (12:00).
2 scrumptious, easy means to promote your body's production of butyrate (14:30).
Why THIS my be responsible for persistent weight-loss– and also how to recover your body's ability to burn fat (19:00).
My FAVORITE digestive tract bug, why it's so crucial for total wellness, and exactly how YOU can obtain it in supplement kind (for the really first time!) (23:30).
Why many people are running reduced on this essential gut buddy– as well as exactly how to support your body's supply (30:00).
Just how 2 of my people with high-insulin levels totally reversed their health– by making ONE modification (33:00).

Discussed on this episode:.
Pendulum Life Site (usage code GUNDRY for 20% off).

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