From 7 prescriptions a day – to the “clean 7” | Ep141

The statistics are surprising: We are discharging greater than 250 billion lots of chemical compounds every year– yes, you review that right, 250 BILLION TONS.

Also scarier, it's approximated that 12 million individuals– that's 1 in 4– die each year from health and wellness problems triggered by air, water, as well as dirt contamination; chemical exposure; and climate modification.

Yet my visitor claims that via the power of cleansing– and also even more notably, FOOD– we can sustain our body's all-natural capability to repel disease and also recuperate from bothersome illness.

Joining me for this episode is a friend of mine, Dr. Alejandro Junger. Years earlier, we met when he was a young cardiologist years ago at Desert Medical in Palm Springs and we created a friendship, and also did relief operate in India together.

Dr. Junger is additionally a cardiologist, creator of the Tidy program, as well as a three-time New york city Times bestselling writer, including his most current book CLEAN 7.

And also on this episode, we're going to explain just how YOU can harness several of one of the most effective healing devices in the world to lose your very own persistent signs and symptoms and illnesses forever.

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Is this “stealth lectin” destroying your health? | Ep138

Sayer and I discuss what's REALLY enhancing your probability of establishing persistent illness (and also why it's NOT always genetics), disclose some of the deadliest contaminants on the planet (and they can be in MOST OF the foods you consume), as well as share the BEST foods to consume to safeguard your health.

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Allergies? You’ve GOT to see this | Ep136

Dr. Kari Nadeau, director of the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Study at Stanford University and among the world's leading experts on food allergic reaction, joins me to breast some food allergic reaction MISCONCEPTIONS, speak about the most effective method to prevent your kid from struggling with food allergies, and also talk about how to get rid of food allergic reactions forever.

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Dave Asprey reveals: The IDEAL time to eat | Ep135

Dave Asprey, best-selling writer as well as founder of Bulletproof Coffee, chats with me concerning the effective advantages of fasting, the foods you can consume while you quick, as well as the "Kryptonite" foods you MUST stay clear of.

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Worried about dementia? This is a must-see | Ep130

Dr. Dayan Goodenowe, founder and also Chief Executive Officer of Prodrome Sciences, has actually spent the previous three decades looking into the biochemical signs of aging as well as disease. Today, he joins me to discuss what might be a MAJOR advancement in our recognizing the causes and also avoidance of dementia. We likewise review what your blood can tell you regarding YOUR threat for mental deterioration as well as Alzheimer's and also why we may soon open the tricks of the aging brain.
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BONUS EPISODE: Are you THANKING your food? (and why you should) | Ep125

On this episode, Serena as well as I talk about why you should be THANKING your food, the value of point of view when it pertains to your wellness, and also share some unique suggestions for supporting your mind, body, as well as heart.

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From “broken brain” to learning expert | Ep121

Jim Kwik, world-renowned brain as well as memory coach, talks with Dr. Steven Gundry concerning what makes a far better brain, the EASIEST way to find out a brand-new language, and also his primary strategy for learning more properly starting TODAY.

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Feeling stressed or anxious? | Ep116

Meera Patel, a gifted musician, writer at Spirituality & Health and wellness, and author of the new publication "Produce Your Own Calmness: A Journal for Quieting Anxiousness", joins me to talk about exactly how art, creating, and reflection can help you relieve YOUR stress and anxiety, so you can live a better, much more fulfilling life.

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