The truth about successful people | Ep169

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He's often referred to as "the Larry King of podcasting", and also he's interviewed professional athletes, best-selling writers, effective business owners, and also scientists.

He's likewise been called by Forbes as one of the most effective relationship-builders in the WORLD.

He's Jordan Harbinger, the host of The Jordan Precursor Show.

On this episode, we're mosting likely to review just how YOU can bring more value to your relationships, feel confident in ANY social scenario, and construct relationships that can aid YOU live your finest life.

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On this episode you'll learn:.
What lots of people do MISDOING when building connections– and also Jordan's method for connecting with almost anybody (11:00).
The REAL key to success– as well as exactly how to far better acknowledge, and capitalize on your chances (13:00).
Just how Jordan "freed himself" from feelings of extreme shyness as well as the concern of failing– as well as just how his method can aid enhance YOUR success and joy (20:00).
How to construct purposeful, cooperative relationships– and why it's much more beneficial than having a "mentor" (28:00).
Why your "social funding" matters – and also 2 easy drills you can make use of to build yours TODAY (33:00).
Why this usual mindset is RUINING your relationships– and also exactly how to bring even more worth to any kind of connection (38:00).
Jordans expert advice for honing up your communication abilities (42:00).

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The Power Mystery: What to Do When Your Get‑Up‑and‑Go Has Got up and also Gone.