Want to shield your gut from lectin damage? Eat this, not that

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The Plant Paradox

When it involves eating healthy and balanced, it can be hard to know what to consume– as well as what not to eat. And also it can be harder still to give up your preferred foods, which are usually full of lectins. Steven Gundry MD shares his favorite simple food substitutions … so you can appreciate your meals, the Plant Paradox means.

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Would you eat algae? | Ep165

#Spirulina #Chlorella #algae
By now, you have actually probably heard me yap concerning superfoods– foods that are PACKED with vital nutrients like omega fives, polyphenols and antioxidants. You may likewise know that a few of my absolute favorites consist of foods like avocados, mushrooms, and macadamia nuts.

Well on this episode I'm joined by Catharine Arnston, a health thought leader as well as business owner, that claims there's an extra innovative superfood on the radar– and it is just one of the most exciting yet.

As a matter of fact, she claims it could be larger than collagen– and also NASA has actually even described it as the solution to world cravings!

We're chatting all about ALGAE.

Catharine and I talk about just how specific types of algae can be used to support your power levels, immune action, skin health therefore a lot more. We also explain how algae functions to fill up nutritional spaces, as well as eventually, just how it could aid support your body immune system to set you up to deal with significant illness.

On this episode you'll discover:
Among Asia's longest-kept longevity keys– as well as how YOU can utilize it to support your energy levels, immune health, as well as more (8:00).
Both sorts of edible algae you MUST learn about– as well as how to establish which one is ideal for you (10:00).
How to feel complete for HOURS at a time without ever before stepping foot in the kitchen area (incentive: it's extremely healthy and balanced) (12:00).
Catherine's "detoxification" method for dodging a hangover, boosting muscle recovery, and also freing your body of unsafe toxins (16:30).
Why consuming WHOLE flax seeds is a complete waste of cash– and also properly to benefit from these effective seeds (22:00).
Why you're likely not obtaining enough of the right nutrients (yes, even if you consume LOTS OF veggies)– and what you can do about it (26:00).
The new and also interesting research on edible algae as well as COVID-19– and what it can suggest for YOUR health and wellness (36:00).
My thoughts on consuming CACTUS– and also how to finest prepare it in your home (45:00).

Mentioned on this episode:.

The Power Paradox: What to Do When Your Get‑Up‑and‑Go Has Obtained up as well as Gone– (pre-order right here!).

EnergyBits.com (Usage price cut code: DRGUNDRY).

For better mental health, skip this popular breakfast | Ep161

#leakygut #anxiety #GundryMD
Right here's a shocking stat: 1 in 5 youngsters fight with psychological health.

And if you're a moms and dad or grandparent, then you'll intend to listen up, since today I'm going to be diving deep right into what's driving this worrying rise in childhood psychological health and wellness concerns.

To do that, I'm signed up with by Dr. Kenneth Bock. Kenneth has more than 35 years of experience detecting the origin of persistent ailments as well as bring back equilibrium to his patients' body immune systems. And he's obtained a brand new book out called Mind Inflamed: Discovering the Hidden Causes of Anxiety, Depression, and Other Mood Conditions in Teens as well as Adolescents.

On this episode, Kenneth as well as I discuss WHY these psychological illness appear to be enhancing, what it involves INTESTINE health and wellness, and what you can do if you believe YOUR kid is experiencing a mental health problem.

On this episode you'll learn:
Why your food might be triggering you (or your youngster) to experience stress and anxiety and clinical depression– as well as the 3 foods to eliminate as soon as possible (2:24).
The scary truth regarding the food in the majority of institution cafeterias– and just how to best safeguard the kids you like (4:50).
The "empowerment" technique to getting ANYBODY to open up to you (even teenagers) – it may even encourage them to make healthier life options (9:15).
2 factors youngsters seem to be more susceptible to mental health and wellness issues than EVER– and what YOU can do to help (15:20).
The "pajama party" method for separating between "regular teen actions" as well as feasible wellness problems (19:00).
Why the having a hereditary anomaly does NOT identify your (or your child's) fate– and also how you can lead a better path to wellness (24:30).
The 3 leading causes of nutritional deficiencies– as well as some of one of the most usual deficiencies seen in kids (29:00).
3 of one of the most inflammatory foods– and what you NEED to understand about food allergic reactions (yes, also if you have not been diagnosed with any) (30:00).
The RIGHT way to take place a removal diet (and also just how to check your outcomes) (34:00).
The difference between food level of sensitivities and also a leaking gut– and how to inform if you be suffering from one (or both) (36:00).
What your medical professional might not be telling you concerning your blood examination results– and just how to REALLY understand if your test results autumn in the "regular" variety (39:00).
Why Hymalayian pink salt is not all it's cracked up to be– and the type of salt you NEED to be making use of rather (40:30).
Why your kid's INTESTINE might be responsible if they're experiencing brain fog, anxiety, or anxiety– as well as exactly how YOU can assist them reverse their health and wellness (41:00).

Pointed out on this episode:.

The Energy Paradox: What to Do When Your Get‑Up‑and‑Go Has Got up and also Gone– (order right here!).

Appleton college food research.

MDS charts to assist track your kid's health and wellness.


Bockintegrative.com (Kenneth's internet site).


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He says: Doctors have it backwards | Ep144

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Western Medicine is absolutely TERRIFIC at dealing with the signs of disease.
As a matter of fact, I've observed the extraordinary, life-saving approaches during my method as an infant heart cosmetic surgeon.
Yet when it pertains to disease avoidance, a lot of doctors simply intend to recommend you a medication as well as send you out the door.
Well, my visitor today claims American and also European physicians have actually gotten practically everything regarding illness avoidance totally BACKWARDS.
Dr. Franco Lenna is a professional in holistic and conventional medication, which he methods at his center in Pordenone, Italy (outside of Venice).
On today's episode, Dr. Lenna and I will discuss what a browse through to your physician COULD– and most likely NEED TO– appear like, the standard solutions he depends on with his clients, and just how a more all natural technique to medication might transform YOUR wellness.

In this episode, you'll learn:
( 5:45) What Einstein can teach you concerning the health of your cells
( 8:30) Exactly how to interact with your cells for better health and wellness
( 14:00) Why the expression "body batteries" is more than simply a metaphor (and also just how to change yourself into the Energizer Rabbit).
( 16:30) Just how to scrub out your body's natural filters (and also how doing that can actually help you live longer).
( 20:30) The shocking "electric" STEEL that's actually helpful for you.
( 25:00) A body organ that may really be MORE powerful than your brain (and exactly how that can assist you avoid condition).
( 34:00) How to establish your REAL age (and exactly how doing THIS can aid you really feel younger beginning today).
( 36:30) Why reflection functions– and just how you can obtain the very same advantages without actually practicing meditation.
( 40:00) How your pet dog can in fact heal YOU.
( 44:00) The supplements you can tackle a fast (and also the ones you ought to probably avoid).
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Stop counting calories! (Try this instead) | Ep134

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Aging | This Lifespan Book Will Change Your Life

Quit counting calories! (Attempt this rather).

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The best yogurt you’ll EVER eat? | Ep132

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Aging | This Lifespan Book Will Change Your Life

The best yogurt you'll EVER eat?|Ep132

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The controversial truth about fruit | Ep110

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The Plant Paradox

Is fruit great for you? The solution seems apparent, right? Well, I have a viewpoint that goes against traditional knowledge based on years of client research study (as well as others' study). So today, I'm going to address the criticisms head-on. On this episode of The Dr. Gundry Podcast, you'll discover why an apple a day ISN'T in fact the most effective option to maintain the physician away, the various sorts of sugars and also just how they impact the body, the BEST fruits you must eat (as well as how much), and also why a high-fruit diet ISN'T the very best method to aid your body recover.

Complete records as well as reveal notes:

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What are superfoods, really? | Ep109

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The Plant Paradox

Superfoods– what's great as well as what's not? On today's episode, I'm going to attempt as well as help you divide the REAL superfoods from the phonies. I'm likewise going to share the BIGGEST superfood myth, the one incredibly oil you've possibly NEVER come across, and also why some lectin-free foods might still get on the no-no listing.

Full transcript and also reveal notes:

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