Metro International Biotech is developing an extensive portfolio of small-molecule NAD+ precursors that have been shown to increase cellular and mitochondrial NAD+ levels in vivo.

MIB-626 crystallized precursor of NAD+. Metro International Biotech is initially targeting rare mitochondrial diseases, though modulating NAD+ has exhibited broad potential to treat a range of serious conditions and diseases.

MIB-626 crystallized precursor of NAD+

MIB-626 is a proprietary, crystallized precursor of NAD+ optimized for potency, bio distribution, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic properties.

Metro International Biotech has conducted multiple IRB-approved human safety and bioavailability trials at a prominent Boston hospital, which demonstrated MIB-626 is well tolerated in healthy human volunteer subjects and raises blood levels of NAD+ and related metabolites.

David Sinclair, Professor of Genetics Harvard Medical School explains how MNM works…

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