German Singer @CassMae sings Nirvana Shatakam for Sadhguru

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  1. @gauravbaweja18


  2. Lovely❤😊

  3. @erikweissman8443


  4. @eleanorcramer7986

    It’s her gift and is beautiful and calming.

  5. I love her voice and her other renditions❤

  6. There is divinity in her voice.

  7. @dubmasterrajjo

    Sadhguru 🙏

  8. @aidatorres5727

    So so beautiful❣️

  9. ❤🙏

  10. Goosebumps

  11. @Durga.durgatinashini.111

    Singing infront of Shiva himself ❤❤

  12. @mahesh.modepalli


  13. Namaskaram Sadhguru ❤❤❤

  14. I will never forget this very special moment @Sadhguru 🙏🙌💕

    • @pragnadasgupta3006

      If someone listens to you with eyes closed , he will not recognize you as a non-indian. Most Indians are also not able to pronounce the Sanskrit words so perfectly with the right accent. Hatts off to you❤❤❤❤❤

    • May your third eye shine bright! 🙏

    • @user-os4ez7ul9k

      ❤❤❤ absolutely surreal
      Good luck Cass

  15. Goosebumbs

  16. @InnerEngineeringCP


  17. @shantanuthakur6932

    Wonderful…! 🙏✨

  18. Lovely singing ❤️🙏save soil 🙏 namaste Sadhguru ji 🙏

  19. @Videocreator9997

    Very nice 😍

  20. @user-os4ez7ul9k

    Sadhguru ❤🎉

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