Wake Up Early or Stay Up Late – Which is Better?

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The Plant Paradox

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  1. Less sleep is worse for you. It’s been proven by science.

  2. its not the time you wake up or go to sleep its what you do during that time.

    you think a wise man would say this.

  3. Vijay Gusain Vlogs


  4. Thank you Sadhguru Ji.

  5. Sharaschandra G D


  6. Patriccia-Psychic,Clairvoyant Medium / Free & pd.


    I LOVE YOU Sadhguru ji you are an AMAZING SOUL & an INSPIRATION BEYOND COMPARE….Xx🕉️🙏🏽🩵

    Namaskaram 🥰🥰🥰

  7. Says a man that wakes up early. My guru sleeps in homie

  8. one of my frnd who sleep at 2-3am and wakeup late,also a fatty, and still he is a TOPPER of our school…😢

    • Maybe physically fat, but what is his energy like..? Probably NOT a sloth or turtle if he’s top of class. Probably like a bull 🐂

    • @Jake B yep..but still sadguru says u should wakeup early,have proper..mind will be sharp,he is totally opposite…i mean he literally craves fast food,enjoys birthdays… he solves physics like 🤟

  9. I don’t want to live much so i sleep to escape

    • That’s such a waste of a precious life given by Parmeshwara. I hope you find your calling but for that you need to be conscious

  10. This is absolutely true. I experimented this on myself. Waking up by 4:00/4:30 indeed does wonders. So much time is left. Automatically meal time improves.

  11. Thank you! 🙏🏻

  12. Amarendra Borah

    “Accept no one’s definition of your life ; define yourself !” – Robert Frost.

  13. Parmveer Avana

    It’s a fabulous idea

  14. Zlatko Umjetnik

  15. Poda vennai moodu

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