Should Marijuana Be Made Legal? | Sadhguru

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  1. Alexander Ringler

    I don’t know about India – but for Germany I’d say all drugs should be decriminalized. People, WHO are struggeling with it, are not to be confused criminals, but with people, who are in need of help

    If we want to Help, the law must reflect this.

  2. Dhruv Latoriya

    I wouldn’t want the surgeon to be DRUNK either. Ban alcohol?

  3. 🙏

  4. We are in a day and age where self destructive habits are being normalised everyday

  5. भैस

    alcoholics nd smokers enters the chat

  6. ❤❤😊😊

  7. The hard thing about this is that many don’t know how to controll their substance-use. I’ve smoked for years now and just recently I learned to controll it, and not smoke all day. I think it should be allowed to use, but at the same time I don’t want it anyone to waste their life just smoking all day. It does get boring after a while. Personally I only smoke one j at night after I have gotten off work, done what I need at home and have all my goals for the day completed. That really changed my life, as I never accomplished anything back when I smoked all day every day.

  8. Sir, Surgeon also doesn’t come to do surgery with glass of wine.

    Irrelevant argument

  9. Legalising for recreational use not to smokeup and do surgery

  10. Kuchh bhi

  11. Amarendra Borah

    Lord Shiva will continue to occupy the pride of place in the heart of the people – for just one simple reason ! HE had come forward to drink the poison on his own accord for the well-being of all, when no one was willing to do so !
    May the WRIT OF THE CREATOR prevail over everything for ETERNITY !

  12. Amen ❤

  13. Those of you making the alcohol argument obviously don’t know how many of them actually drank before hand. It’s a thing.

  14. Sharaschandra G D

    Drugs kills one’s own life as well as nuisance for others.

  15. Milan van Eijk

    I love Sadhguru, and i am not saying he is wrong here. However, there are good (medical) reasons to legalize it. This also shows a clear cultural difference. I’m from Amsterdam // The Netherlands, it is so different how we look at it here.

  16. ❤yessss❤ U are right

  17. Philomena OBrien

    Maijiuana is a herb and what about all the herbs you put in your food ❤

  18. True…you don’t need bud when your drunk on life .

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