The TOXIC PRODUCTS & HABITS That Are Making You SICK & UNHEALTHY | Darin Olien & Dr. Gundry

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The Plant Paradox

It's a stunning truth that lots of products in our everyday regimens could be a lot more trouble than they deserve.

From the creams we relate to the carpetings we stroll on, countless day-to-day eases subject us to sly, however seriously unpleasant toxins.

As well as the effect on our wellness as well as the atmosphere is considerable and certainly worth our focus.

On my latest episode, my guest as well as I discover these concealed dangers, assisting you make easy yet effective changes that can enhance your well-being as well as show our world some love.

I invited Darin Olien– the Emmy β„’ Acclaimed co-host of the hit Netflix docu-series, Down to Earth with Zac Efron, as well as the writer of Deadly Benefits: The Toxic Products and Harmful Habits That Are Making You Sick– and the Simple Modifications That Will Save Your Health.

We checked out the concept of "Fatal Conveniences" and also how making favorable modifications to daily products and also practices can significantly improve your health and wellness as well as the atmosphere.

We likewise discuss the relevance of recognizing our "cumulative body worry" as well as how Darin's individual tale influenced his trip towards a cleaner, greener, and also healthier world.

On this episode you'll discover:
– Why your day-to-day behaviors and also products could be deadly eases
– Exactly how to reveal the frustrating active ingredients in your fragrances (and why scents are disrupting your health and wellness).
The terrifying truth regarding food CONTAINERS (as well as the best choices) (18:45).
Exactly how you can change your everyday routine to minimize exposure to hidden toxins (24:15).
Why skin care items may in fact be damaging your skin (and the safer alternatives to utilize) (28:08).
Why sun block might be doing more damage than good (and also what to do rather) (41:18).
The real wrongdoer behind why only 2% of Americans are considered "healthy" (56:00).
Why THIS "healthy and balanced" food goes beyond the "secure impurity level" by 400x (1:00:15).

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  1. Epic interview πŸ‘πŸ½

  2. alexia van der cruyssen

    Few people think about all these things I’ve been doing it for a long time

  3. What we can use for armpit to prevent of bad smell ?

  4. Love it πŸ”₯

  5. Great interview

  6. Lorraine from Miami

    Regarding sunscreens: what about mineral sunscreens? And what is a glow-in-the-dark freckled redhead to do? I get sunburned just walking to my car. And I guarantee you, no amount of polyphenols I ingest will naturally protect my skin

  7. airplane george

    how bad is swimming in chlorinated pool water?

  8. Can I use white vinegar to wash my fruits and veggies?

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