The BIGGEST LIES You’ve Been Told About Diet, Exercise & Losing Weight | Dave Asprey & Dr. Gundry

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The Plant Paradox

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  1. HahasoNotorious 327

    Thank you guys, I really appreciate this knowledge.

  2. Maritza Messier

    You both look much better today than years ago. It works. Congratulations

  3. Dr Gundy and Dave Asprey – I am in this journey of “health.” Thanks for the information.

  4. Glenn Robinson

    I’ve always been saying a small amount of exercise even only once, twice or 3 times a week is all that is necessary. Gyms are expensive. I do the very best types of exercises: hindu push ups, squats, lunges, V-ups, sit ups, and occasionally a little skipping. I’m 67 and it’s all paid off.

  5. Tamara Spillis

    One of the best info med education conversations🎉 Thank a bunch 🤲

  6. your body adjust to exercise. To say there is no benefits to exercise is false! What was Dave eating on a vegan diet to stay at 300 pounds? What exercises was he doing? How intense were those exercises? I think we are missing information. What works for one person may not work for another! People can eat a lot different diet and still be successful!

  7. I am lazy and have to push myself at times to walk or bike ..I do love hiking and pickleball..I’m not overweight..I’m 69 and had cancer so I should excercise more ..

  8. I do enjoy working out!

  9. I understand and appreciate what he is saying BUT mate! you did not work hard in the gym for 90 minutes. You thought it was hard for you! Have a read about zone 2/ zone 5 training and the correlation between VO2max and longevity!

  10. Wonderful interview

  11. Inspiring podcast. Thank you.

  12. Eat less, mostly plants and move everyday. Sounds simple, but, paradoxically this is almost impossible for most people.

  13. A whole lotta sophistry goin’ on.

  14. Everyone sees someone at the gym that works out like a dog and never seems to lose any weight. Diet has to precede any weight loss! If your diet is wrong, it’s not going to matter how much you workout. It’s important to exercise also for overall health but it shouldn’t be used to offset calories or lose weight. It just doesn’t work and people get frustrated.

  15. Gundry looks good for 72, Aspreys looking a bit pale for his 50 years.

  16. Excellent interview

  17. Love it 🔥

  18. Yvonne Shelton

    Regarding wheat etc Here in UK we have cut down drastically after listening to you.

  19. What’s the anti-osteoporosis diet?

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