Sadhana Intensive – A 2-Month Program Exclusively for Sadhanapada Alumni

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Individuals of the Sadhanapada Intensive program share their experiences of the intensity and difficulties of the program which is currently being held at the Isha Yoga Exercise Center in Coimbatore.

Sadhana Intensive is a two-month program specifically made for the Sadhanapada alumni. The program is held at the incredibly consecrated areas of the Isha Yoga Exercise Facility.
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Isha Structure is a non-religious, not-for-profit, civil service organization, which attends to all elements of human well being.

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  1. Nico Oberpichler

    2 or 7 months I am confused video says 7…

    • Sadhanapada is 7 months. Sadhana intensive is 2 months but only those who have been through sadhanapada previously are able to attend.

  2. Wow this is amazing to keep up the fire of Sadhana 🀩πŸ”₯πŸ™


    Yes! I’m selected
    Coming to SPD
    in july 2023 πŸ™
    thank you sadguru πŸ™
    namaskaram πŸ™

  4. Gabriel Junior Pedro


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