4 WARNING SIGNS You Need To Go To Your DOCTOR! | Dr. Steven Gundry

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The Plant Paradox

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Do you see your medical professional for a yearly examination? Whether you do or don't there are lots of significant indicators of poor wellness that tend to fly under the radar. These wrongfully chalked-up indications are normally related to aging – but that's NOT the instance. That's why today Dr. Gundry is sharing the top signs you need to watch out for to stay healthy and balanced and also happy.

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  1. Just a question, unrelated to this podcast but hope to get an answer. Are silicon utensils & bake sheets acceptable?

  2. Hi doctor,
    Can please advice us on HRT, whether it’s associated with high risk of breast cancer, taking those medications? Is it safe thank you.

  3. True facts❤❤❤


  5. Thanks for the tips. Is fasting insulin level different than your fasting glucose?

  6. Thank you Dr. Gundry for another great video! Question: Is testing your fasting glucose and fasting a1c the same as what you are recommending? Fasting insulin test?

    • Fasting Glucose test is just the glucose now in a fasting state. Any number under 99 is considered normal. A1C is glucose testing over the past three months which is a better test. If your glucose is normal it isn’t telling the doctor if you are on your way to being diabetic but A1C does. Fasting Insulin is a different test. As Dr GUNDRY says best to be under 6.

    • @Bonnie Benz TY for clearing that up. I worry about being diabetic. So far my fasting glucose and A1C are within range.

  7. Drives me absolutely insane to see ED RX pharma ads for men at my gym.

  8. Thanks for sharing

  9. Don’t go to your doctor if he’s reading from cue cards

  10. Love this! Just had a conversation with a 60 year old in my gym in San Diego getting a personal trainer. He had a angioplasty done about 4 years ago, the next step his Dr. tells him is a Bipass. I told him one of my mentors had a heart attack a couple years back while eating a burger with fries. He’s cut out cheese, and read meat, I mentioned Dr. Gundry of course!

    • And cut out anything made from flour, any flour, not just gluten. Also dump the potatoes and keep fruit to a bare minimum!

  11. lizardfirefighter110

    Have you ever noticed that the ads tagged to Dr Gundry’s Pod Cast are Brain-Dead pharmaceuticals?!

  12. Great content😊☀️p.s. I also love dr Gundry’s outfit and color combination 😊

  13. I know the problem is in my gut primarily, but also coupled with a strong family history of autoimmune diseases. Sadly I’m stuck with chronic gut inflammation due to SIBO. I had most of my ileum, my ileocaecal valve & caecum + a limited R hemicolectomy secondary to a late diagnosed intussusception which turned into a necrotic gut before it was finally diagnosed. I can never clear SIBO with that missing valve. Drs say intermittent antibiotics but that just creates its own microbiome problems. I do what I can with a good diet but it hasn’t stopped nutrient deficiences, malabsorption which in turn I’m sure is what has lead to hypothyroidism, hyperparathyroidism, raynauds (which I always had but has worsened) a geographic tongue (which used to be present only occasionally) but is now chronically raw & inflamed & adrenal fatigue, which I’m not sure if that is autoimmune or as a consequence of having to earn a living & battling through ADLs when I feel like death warmed up. I wish it was possible to have that valve replaced like you can replace joints.

  14. The best information, thank you

  15. Your right…this info needs to be heard…

  16. TY Interesting perspective

  17. Health starts in the gut.
    We need to ‘listen’ to our ‘gut feelings’ often..

  18. can you do a video on familial hypercholesterolemia and statins

  19. Jack Van Bourgondien

    Yes!! Since I have lost weight 25 lbs. Blood pressure is way better and been on the keto diet for 5 months now. No blue pills needed. He’s doing just fine now!

  20. Yeah and it could also be problem with kidney function. thanks to insulin problems and overdose of medications and supplements. Then caused me problems with prostate holding urine in not letting it all out.

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