Who Is Your True Friend | #sadhguru #friendship

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  1. You are my true friend, Mad Max 😎

  2. Crazy entertaining shorts🥰

    Sadguru is my best friend

  3. A friend shows one’s true colours only during the ADVERSITY !

  4. if people become more competitive, then friends become more reserved.

  5. Spiritual Love & Enlightenment Foundation.

    Love you sadhguru, <3

  6. If you convince yourself that you need more of what you already have, it shows that you are not happy with yourself. If you convince yourself that you need what you don’t have, idem dito. The search for happiness will never end until you learn to be happy with yourself, cuz in the end, that’s all you got.

  7. Every time I hear this man speaks it makes me so happy

  8. Anyone can be a Friend or Lover when the circumstances are right , real friends and lovers are those who still love you in your worst times and be there for you when things go sideways.

    Haven’t you heard : ” A friend in need is a friend indeed ”

    “Real is Rare” 💯

  9. Great speech

  10. Belief Before Glory

    “A true friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”
    —Walter Winchell💜

  11. one always measures friendships by how they show up in bad weather.

  12. Very very true

  13. General JellyRoll

    You can’t always be popular and have integrity. Sometimes the truth will make you unpopular.

  14. Can I be your friend, Sadhguru? Even Raja Dashratha needed a friend like Ashtwakara…

  15. Very good.

  16. Very well said!

  17. “Pranaam Sadhguru”

  18. Namaskaaram Sadhguru
    Well said


    Jai Sadhguru 🙏. Namaskaram. Har Har Mahadev 🙏

  20. Very true Sadhguru Ji. A true friend is honest and doesn’t come with an agenda. .. that’s why so few are true friends.

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