Does MINERAL DEFICIENCY Cause Occasional FATIGUE? | Dr. Steven Gundry

Fatigue is among the most usual issues that individuals encounter every day. As well as if you are among these people, Dr. Gundry FINALLY has the solutions for you. He shares exactly how you can fill out your body with the nutrients its been missing so you can state bye to fatigue completely!

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  1. Thank you for your advice 🙏

  2. I have been experiencing PACs for about 1 year, and found a magnesium supplement to be one of the most effective ways to reduce the frequency and intensity.

  3. Amazing information as always Thank You Dr Gundry..

  4. What if you are a gastric bypass patient and gave to take calcium supplements?

  5. What would cause a pain on my left waist towards front? Kind of tender. Thanks Dr Gundry

  6. Greetings dear Doctor Gundry . Sir please throw some light on the benefits of Fulvic acid for the human brain .

  7. I know the main cause for my fatigue is my insomnia! yes, wonderful advice!

  8. Dr. Gundry has never addressed the toxins (microcystins, heavy metals, BMAA) that may be in Spirulina which he recommends.

  9. Big question. How does one simply “take potassium” if the diet is short of it? Supplementation is typically 99mg while the daily required intake is 4700mg!?

    • Dr Berg’s electrolyte powder has 1000mg per serving.
      You just mix it with water.
      Better than swallowing 47 pills on a fasting day IMHO.

  10. Could you please talk about Oxalates?

  11. Always good informative content.

  12. So many people suffer from silent migraine and they have no idea why they are always tired. They try everything nothing helps…

  13. Dr., do you use jujube/ziziphus for sleep?

  14. Good talk

  15. The reason of Mineral deficit is that many people overdo the intake of high oxalates food. You need to take high doses of supplement of different minerals and oxalate detox.

  16. Can you take milk of magnesia every day

  17. But if you take calcium together with vitamin K and D3 it’s more likely it will accumulate in the bones , right ?

  18. Bridge To The Messiah

    There is dead sea salt that has natural iodine and over 20 minerals.

  19. Great content, thanks Dr. Gundry 😊

  20. Hmm interesting but Dr. Gundry all the Potassium Magnesium Aspartate sumplement on the market has only 1-2% of RDD of potassium…soo completely useless

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