The SHOCKING Facts About Going Vegan You NEED TO KNOW! | Dr. Steven Gundry

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The Plant Paradox

Should you go vegan? Many of you might be wondering this and if you currently are vegan Dr. Gundry share's the advantages and also risks of the vegan diet regimen. He likewise discloses how you can get the advantages of veganism while take consuming some of your preferred foods!

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  1. Alasdair Mackenzie


  2. Guess what else increases IGF-1? Exercise, so I guess according to the logic of this channel one should avoid exercise.

    • @Bluebird It doesn’t have to do with politics and vegans are a small minority among all political groups as 85% quit the diet during the first year and many never even try it.

    • @AntidoteX2 Healthy diet naturally helps and how high a persons ApoB gets from dietary cholesterol and saturated fat is individual. If one is able to keep their ApoB low they have a lower risk of heart disease generally. Often it is hard to keep those ApoB levels low without drugs like statins even if one is consuming only moderate cholesterol and saturated fat from diet.

    • @boz We need very little of any fat from our diet as we can form the fats we need from carbs. The only things that are essential are DHA and AA or their precursors and we really don’t need that much of either from food.

    • @Cyberfunk sounds scientifically but makes logical no sense. The bodies own fat is saturated/stable. And ldl/hdl are made by yourself when you don’t get enough. It’s necessary for so many reasons.
      Logical the best nutrition in evolutionary sight can’t be far away from stone age, means greens, meat, fat from meat, fish, roots and in season berries..that’s what we built for

    • @Andreas Peters The fat in the body depends on what the person eats, it’s not all saturated like you seem to think. That is exactly the reason we don’t need cholesterol from food either: we make all we need ourselves and too much messes up with the balance. Stone age diet isn’t that relevant unless your goal is to live something like 40 years that would have been typical. What is healthy now is what is healthy now and the past might not be relevant to it that much.

  3. I gave up. Get to the point more quickly. 🙏

  4. I definitely appreciate this information. The question I have is you do not mention a meat, source and quality that are referred to in the study. Are they conventionally raised, and not wild caught sources of animal protein? Or are they 100% grass fed, is the pork and chicken 100% pastured and never fed corn and soy? Is the seafood be at Fisher otherwise always wild caught. I know Dr. Gundry you have mentioned in mini podcasts. This makes a huge difference. What are your thoughts on this in reference to the subject of this podcast?

    • You are correct! And unless they’re your own chickens = they are the worse of the meats to buy out of all the meats! My dad is 86 has eaten red meat everyday w minimal fruit & vegs= it’s not genetic as he’s outlived all his genetics by 25 yrs!

    • @Kim Larso Very interesting and valid point

    • Yes, the Japanese live very long and consume a lot protein in the form of fish. Wild caught, predominantly

  5. sounds like a biased claim to me

  6. Thank you very much for the information…. I sleep good when I do not eat animal protein 24 hours prior.. I like your valuable talk

  7. How do we build and/or maintain lean muscle mass with a low IGF-1, which is I understand is also important for healthy aging and longevity. This is what i struggle with – I”m in my 60’s and have low IGF-1 of 85, but i’m already struggling with sarcopenia and losing muscle. Aren’t both of those (IGF-1 and maintaining muscle mass) critical for healthy aging. Seems to be a paradox. Would love to see Dr Gudry address this..

  8. Why do many people get healed on carnivore and Keto diets? Water is good, too. Too much water is not. Protein is good, how much is too much?

  9. Thanks

  10. Isn’t the human body set up to digest animal products far better than plant material. We are not supposed to be primarily fermenters aren’t we ? We use enzymes to easily break down meat but we have to ferment veggies and that produces something like formaldehyde doesn’t it ?

  11. Antonio Carlos Oyama

    What falls most in a vegan is the intelligence quotient. They lose their cognitive capacity to the point of not being able to do simple head calculations. Not to mention the vitamin k2 deficiency, which leads to brutal atherosclerosis, resulting in heart attacks and strokes.

  12. I am on a low oxalate diet. I feel best when I eat meat and the few vegetables I can eat. There so many experts on here who do not agree on what to eat. I have given up and listen to my body. Everyone is different and I don’t believe there is one set of rules for everyone. Eating a variety of foods that I can eat is what works for me – meat included.

  13. I am a airtarian

  14. No such thing as vegan diet. Veganism is activism not nutrition.

  15. I would assume there is a difference in non-polluted fish that is low in heavy metals, grass fed and finished beef vs conventional grain fed beef, vegetables that are organic and grown on unpolluted land, and non-pasteurized and non-homogenized raw dairy vs conventional dairy, even the differences between Cow and Goat dairy. Do the studies actually control for these factors, healthy user bias, junk food people ate, and was more than just surveys? I see too much extrapolation going on without a holistic view in the grand context of health, it is always trying to pick sides when that kind of thinking is detrimental in the appreciation of people’s unique bio-individual needs within their respective health journey

  16. No need for any plant based foods. On occasions I’ll hv sauerkraut or grated lemon skins. Maybe some fermented oats. No other plant based rubbish 😊 Also cook with lard or tallow

  17. Not only a fool but a dangerous fool. Run away…….Run away.

  18. After giving up on vegetarian and other less meat, more plant diets I switched to low carb/low sugar (Keto). Felt so much better, brain seemed to kick up a notch, got off medication I have been on for decades – all in all I’ll trade some longevity to have a good life again. The science behind Keto seems very solid – this data/point of view does nothing to change my view.

  19. Good conversation thankyou. I’ve also heard that protein in the diet becomes increasingly important as you age as a lack of protein is linked to greater muscle loss and an increase in All Cause Mortality in the aged.

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