How To Always Be Happy & Blissful | Sadhguru Exclusive

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The Plant Paradox

Sadhguru looks at the nature of the human sensory, neurological and also power systems, as well as discusses just how we can use the sensory procedure to create a continuous sense of happiness within.

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  1. I was crying my eyes out and then this notification came🙏💕

  2. How to INSTANTLY be happy 👇🏽

    Simply write down 3 things you’re grateful for and why. This helps create an abundance mindset ❤️

    Much love from a fellow Sadhguru fan 😊❤️

  3. Mohit Ekalavya Rathore

    I was very frustrated about my studies and i was in disturbed mode and suddenly the notification came…..
    Lot’s of love to u


    just know that things will get better and I truly mean it by my heart 💗

  5. Crying gratefulness with memory of how he rescued me years ago. 💕

  6. *I feel enormous pleasantness while watching u Sadhguru…sometimes i just get lost in your talking that i forget what u were teaching us so cheerful* ♥️🙏

  7. Sadguru ji❤️Congratulations ! You truly deserved it. You always work so hard on your videos and you truly do put so much effort and work into what you do

    • Sadhguru is not the camera man nor video editor.Looks like you mean to credit his team for their good work.For Sadhguru himself,he is the mystic.

  8. May all beings be at ease…..🙏❤️🌸

  9. I like how Sadhguru says tt if u can hold on to pleasantness for more than 20 minutes, it becomes your quality.:)

  10. Thankyou so much Sadhguru for all your contribution… Pranam

  11. Let’s accept gracefully what we have already got in life and live happily with it in the rest of our life ! A little positivity in life makes it that much more worthwhile and meaningful ! How right was Bhagawad Gita in its assessment in saying- “The key to happiness is – reduction of desires !”

  12. “If you resist change, you resist life.” ~ Sadhguru 🙏😊

  13. Happiness Essential.
    1.Something to do.
    2.Something/Someone to love.
    3.Something to hope for.

  14. “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” -Henry David Thoreau

  15. Nonduality & Enlightenment Simplified

    To alwasy be happy & blissful there are two things: 1) cease creating misery and suffering for yourself (arising from your own concepts, beliefs, and ignorance); 2) find the spring of causeless happiness within…our very being is happiness and bliss.

  16. Life is simple.People tend to complicate it😊

  17. Remember: It’s all your fault and I’m telling! Words to live by. 🥹

  18. Learn to love yourself and your own company…and if your lucky someone truley special and maintaining your abundance of all you need to live and feel safe and secure from all the Elements in the Universe…Your heart is not always enough to to feed all of what you need to only survive this human life form…Wisdom is also important to gather and keep your inner peace also…

  19. You truly are a wonderful teacher!! May God Bless you!! Im fighting chronic insomnia for 3 years, how can i deal with this exhaustion?

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