Terrorists’ Love for Adiyogi

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The Plant Paradox

Sadhguru responds to a question throughout an interview, regarding whether Adiyogi is being targeted by terrorists.

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Taken into consideration amongst India's 50 most prominent people, Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic, successful author, as well as poet. Outright clearness of assumption locations him in an one-of-a-kind area, not only in matters spiritual however in organization, ecological and international events, as well as opens up a new door on all that he touches.

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Save Dirt Activity

Launched by Sadhguru, Save Soil is the globe's largest people's activity, getting to 3.91 billion people to resolve upcoming soil termination by sustaining federal governments to produce plans for dirt revitalization.

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  1. Say Yes If You Like Sadhguru ❤️

  2. Uttarakhand Culture 🕉️

    Har Har Mahadev Sadhguru Ji 🕉️🚩🔱
    From India Tibet Borders last city 🙏

  3. I Love ADIYOGI….

  4. May you continue to be blessed and I pray for unity of the spirit, not the body. You are loved 🥰 have a beautiful day

  5. so profound, the lady asked intelligent questions too, what an inspiration

  6. Sadhguru is GEM of BHARAT!

  7. Imagine if the whole world thought like this, what a peaceful place it would be, no anxiety, be who you are, not getting placed into a cookie cutter just to appease others. What a time it WILL BE.

    • Good times create weak people, weak people create bad times, bad times create strong people, strong people create good times, and the cycle continues.

    • For making it happen, the realization has to come from within ! No amount of counseling can bring this about, however hard and long one may try !
      How right was the great Lao Tzu in his assessment in saying – “The truth is not always beautiful.nor beautiful words the truth !”

  8. Once again, this this guy leads me towards love. Thank you

  9. my answer is everybody seeks enlightenment in some way, the pursuit is universal it seems, no matter who you are.

  10. Sadguru ji❤️I was literally just thinking when are u gonna upload a new video and when I saw the video notification I was so excited

  11. Sadhguru is real real gem of India !!

  12. Naveen Kumar Dammagoni

    Oh my god! how Sadhguru get so profound answers to all the questions 👌👌

  13. Das geniale an Sadhguru ist, er lässt sich nicht vereinnahmen. Ein absolut freier Geist 👍

  14. “I have decided to stick to love ; hate is too heavy a burden for me to bear !”
    – Reverand Martin Luther King Jr.

  15. Smrutirekha Pattnayak

    I am still alive… Then it’s alright
    That is our gurus and sages great perception from eternal
    Sadhguru ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Nobody can outsmart Sadhguru.. he’s got all the answers! 🙏

  17. Our intelligence needs to be improved to get the reality as it is and not make assumptions, that is part of a peaceful world. Thank you Sadhguru you amaze me every time I hear you.

  18. The earth is waking up, and no sick being can stop it 🙂 here’s wishing everyone of all beliefs a speedy and joyful recovery 🙏

  19. Cool Sadhguru, As Always..

    When everyone’s thinking about the problem, a Yogi comes up with a Solution.. The Way We Approach Life is Very Significant Here. How Peaceful We Are, How Effective We Are Determines Our Life..

    Thought for the day: Approach Life Lightly and Appreciate It, otherwise we are just a serious consequence.

  20. Sadhguru❤️🙏🏻 has Gained mastery over leaving his bodyy anytime, and he has worked upon himself with Sadhana for lifetimes. Death is one thing he is not at all afraid of.
    He said smthing similar in a video where he explained abt the training period that he went for Helicopter license. He said that even if d helicopter is gonna crash .. , he is already prepared to leave his body

    Indian culture and Sadhguru, bow down to u
    Loads of love and gratitude ❤🙏🏻

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