The COMMON HABITS That Age Your Brain INSTANTLY | Dr. Steven Gundry & Ariel Garten

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The Plant Paradox

What happens if you could sleep the min you laid your head down each evening?
What if you could rest through the evening with ZERO disruptions?

Well, it may feel like a dream happened– yet thanks to my visitor today it's in fact easier than ever before.

I rate back Ariel Garten, neuroscientist, developer, as well as musician turned business owner. As the co-found of Muse ®– the brain-sensing meditation headband– Ariel has assisted individuals all around the world decrease their tension levels, rest much better, and enhance their overall health.

And also she's right here to aid you do the same.

Ariel as well as I will certainly expose what REALLY takes place when you lay your head down at night, and also how the most recent gadget from Muse could assist you obtain the most effective rest of your life.

We also share the stunning study on the benefits of reflection, including exactly how it can literally alter your brain, construct strength, as well as also tack years onto your life.

Most likely to as well as get 20% off a Muse headband with promotion code "GUNDRY".

On this episode you'll find out:
The "electronic sleeping pill" that can aid direct your mind into a quicker rest
How to obtain a sleep laboratory high quality examination in the comfort of your own house (and how recognizing your rest patterns can dramatically improve your life).
Why this common behavior can mature your mind quickly (it also raises weight gain!).
The meditation technique that can assist you live a much longer, trouble-free life.
How you can make your brain job as if it's 7 years younger (right from house!).
Just how adverse thoughts can adversely influence your wellness (and how to reverse its impacts in simply 5 mins a day).
Why doing THIS can branch out as well as sustain your intestine microbiome.
The reality about oversleeping as well as the actual quantity of hours of rest you should obtain each evening.

This episode is funded by Muse. However, Dr. Gundry's point of views are his own.

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  1. Good Morning Dr. Gundry. Thank you for always sharing priceless important information about health. I appreciate you. 🙏

  2. 😪 The fan is good to fall asleep to 🌝

  3. Why don’t you just ask your spouse to read you a bedtime story? 😔

  4. Time stamps would be nice!

  5. Feels like shopping tv.

  6. It’s a 45 minute commercial

  7. She didn’t say how much sleep you need every night? The her device sounds interesting 🤔

  8. I used Muse for years, but STOPPED using it because
    (1) the device breaks easily
    (2) they stopped *genuinely* innovating.

    By contrast, the Philips SmartSleep Deep Sleep headband
    (1) “measures” the amount of Deep Sleep you get AND
    (2) plays a tone to extend it.

    The Philips device is actually useful.

    The Philips device also breaks far too easily, but it at least delivers measurable value.

    I begged Muse to introduce such innovations for years but they ignored me.

    Instead they pursued a “money-for-nothing” “subscription service”.

    Very disappointed with Muse.

  9. It’s a another pocket picking device.

  10. Mg helps me sleep nonstop

  11. Just visited Amazon for an hour reading reviews. 20% rated this Muse S as 1 star. Many facets of this device are behind a subscriber paywall. Read the reviews before buying.

  12. Love your eye glasses 😃 where did you buy it? Nice podcast ❤

  13. Investor Relations Vancouver

    Awesome infomercial

  14. More cosmic radiation

  15. Thanks

  16. I’m interested in this topic but not interested in watching a 43 minute video on the subject. If someone could summarize it in a paragraph it would be much appreciated. I simply don’t have the time to listen to it all.

  17. 👽😷😷

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