Does Your POOP Look Like This? (Signs You’re NOT Healthy!) | Dr. Steven Gundry

It's something most of us do, however we never ever discuss it. POOP! Yes, poop. It turns out poop is exceptionally important for your health and that's why Dr. Gundry is here to start a conversation and ultimately speak about it. He's going to share every shape and size of poop out there and also what it suggests for you! From color, uniformity as well as size find out everything you need to recognize in this crucial episode.

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  1. Hello Dr. Gundry,
    Thank you! 💗

  2. Thank you Dr. Gundry. You just help me realize and understand a concern I have been having for a while. ❤

  3. Unbelievable how much you can learn from YouTube, thank you!

  4. Thank you Dr. Gundry

  5. Always check your stools. As Dr Gundry confirms, massive clues to your well being. 👍

  6. I noticed when I eat Eden brand canned beans I experience zero digestive discomfort or bloating as opposed to other brands which presumably do not soak and pressure cook them. Yesterday I used the “365” brand from Whole Foods.

  7. No doubt dr berg will have to do a vid on this soon too.

  8. I make a morning smoothie with around 30 plus grams of fiber and eat around 50 grams of fiber a day.

  9. Every situation in life can push you or prevent you.

    You are the one who determines the outcome. Always.

    The day you stop blaming and take ownership of all aspects of your life, is the the day you unlock the possibilities of living the life you dream of.

  10. Contrary to popular myths espoused by critics of a plant based diet, my stool was very firm and healthy when I ate predominately greens topped with olive oil. I would think an excess amount of fiber lead to loose stools but this was only the case when I consumed lectin heavy foods

  11. What’s your opinion on psyllium husk for constipation

  12. Is prune juice good for you if you are constipated, as at the moment, that is what I’m doing now!

  13. Thank you for this vid. I’m adding it to my favourites 😁

  14. Good afternoon dr. Gundry….are you feeling ok? You don’t look or sound like yourself. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it but just concerned♥️

  15. Melandochromis Chippoka

    How bad is a colonoscopy to the gut bacteria? What can be done afterwards?

  16. Fantastic you are fabulous yes it is informative waste expelling out of your body DR. GUNDRY YOU TRUELY ARE REMARKABLE

  17. What poo should you expect after a cholecystectomy?

  18. Wisakedjak Archetype

    couldn’t your editor include images? Didn’t have to be images of actual poop. Just representation.

  19. Oh Dr Gundry – You are my most favorite person in the world for people i don’t actually know. LOL. You helped my life so much and your a class A act. This video you just did was amazing !!!

  20. Why would an ordinary person want to add enzymes to increase the absorption of fat? I think many people would be happy to be able to consume fats without 100% of the associated energy intake (9 kcal per gram).

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