Should YOU Take These Health Tests To LIVE LONGER? | Dr. Steven Gundry

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Dr. Gundry likes hearing from all of his listeners that's why he's right here to respond to several of your a lot of pushing inquiries. Find out the MOST important blood and genetic tests he recommends taking – plus, if you are among the many people that need to not fast.

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  1. Better yet, order the blood tests yourself through places like health labs. Side step the doctors, most are trash.

  2. Dr G, it would be great to display your hard to spell tests on screen as you mention them

  3. Why are doctors resistant to ordering these tests

  4. My ferritin is very very low . My hemoglobin is normal . Any risks ?

    • Are you asking the clowns in the comment section or do you really think Dr. Gundry will respond ?

    • I have this and I am having endometriosis and lose more blood, that makes my ferritin levels low, is a sign of anaemia so I always supplement with iron. Plus I take tranexamic acid to reduce the bleeding and it helps.

    • @Michael Ashley I want Dr Gundry to do Vedio on this 🤣

    • @Eliza Danu my doctor ordered iron supplements but I’m not taking them . I increased my red meat to get more iron. I also drink lot of teas with a2 milk and monk fruit. Trying to cut the tea down

    • If you drink black or green tea you actually slow the absorption of the iron. Also, only diet won’t help. At least this is what I observed in my case. Iron is natural anyway, is a metal so supliments won’t harm unless you have some stomach issues, as it’s a bit hard on stomach being in a pill form. My haemoglobin is fine also, only ferritin was low, I am keeping it under control now. My lowest was 6 and I was feeling dizzy all the time. I had 11 and 16 also, the last one after iron grew to 48. Raisins, apples, liver also has iron, not only the red meat. Iron is also easy absorbed with vitamin C. To complete for the blood you have to associate iron with B complex and copper. I was given liquid one after I gave birth and had haemorrhage and it restored my blood fast.

  5. Good info. I had these tests done through a functional doctor last year. My 1gf was 181. My Lipo (a) was 14. HSCRP 1.0. Ferritin 261. Fasting insulin 7.1. Definitely do this yourself. Kaiser just pushes drugs and doesn’t care about you personally…at least most of them . Also take a CAC scan. Cost me 71 dollars. Dr wanted to put me on statins because my triglycerides were in the 300’s. Scan of heart showed zero calcium. Took a PAD scan which also showed clear. Dr decided no statins just continue exercise and watch carbs. Uh ya…..I know.

  6. Fasting insulin test? I live in British Columbia. That’s in Western Canada eh! I have been told by every medical professional I have requested a fasting insulin test from that they are not allowed to write a requisition for it because it is a useless test that is a waste of money. It is not on the schedule of lab tests. They would need to make application to the medical association for an ‘exception’.

  7. 🤓

  8. I was the 300th like 😀

  9. I need this

  10. Fasting insulin level test, should be below 10 or you have insulin resistance (my notes)

  11. Ferritin means inflammation, check inflammation markers (my notes)

  12. Lol you’re funny Dr Gundry 😀


  14. 1.5x speed 👍🏻

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