Can These FOODS Help You Age BACKWARDS? | Dr. Steven Gundry

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The Plant Paradox

Age is simply a number particularly when you understand how to age BACKWARDS. Dr. Gundry states you can quit as well as support a long, healthy and balanced life through healthy foods. Discover what occurs inside your body as you age and just how you can prevent these side effects that are reducing you down.

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  1. Let’s promote more and more healthy food all around the world !

    • @Deus Vlad2.0 no, lots of healthy food is quite cheap

    • @sayjustwordstome maybe where you are in the world?

    • Totallllly agreeeeeee….. but still the consumer has the last say .. I say ban alll the dangerous ingredients first .. msg. Corn syrup. Red 40 … thennnn we can push healthy foods ….

    • @Deus Vlad2.0 there are natural ways of getting rid of insects. But these farmers are tooooo cheap .. you know liquid clove keeps away insects but do bad farmers care ??? Of course not


  3. Sculpture and arts

    Thanks can you please do the benefit of fennel plant please or is it a superfood or superfad

  4. Great video as usual ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️

  5. The best thing you can do is epsom salt foot baths.

  6. Let’s warn everyone about the dangers of the mandated serums.

  7. Thanks for the video



  9. Amazing 🙏🏻🌹✨

  10. Terrific info, as always, does it pay to vary the length of Fast to rev up the system. thanks.

  11. 10:03 so Magic mushrooms then!! woo hoo!! lol

  12. Informative, interesting and pertinent as usual. Thanks Dr. Gundry.

  13. Yes spirulina is great , yes vitamin D is great for me yes l eat nuts at 15 h and vegetable lentils soup for supper and l am thriving , yes time resticted eating does it for me , l eat them everyday the brown ones for l get itchy skin with the white ones

  14. I believe it 100%.
    Following these advices might lead to a whole new generation of super agers as foretold in the prophecies..

    Clearly, the process foods they have been feeding us for the past 30 years have destroyed our immunity systems. Diseases that would normally appear in people of older ages now happen to 30 year olds and obviously it’s the consequence of the stacking up of bad eating habits, namely the lectins, the refined sugars and stuff.

    I developed psoriasis/candia after binging on fast food and pizzas, but one thing about my case though is that I’ve done intermittent fasting my whole life since i was a kid. After waking up i was never hungry so i always skipped breakfast and ate something decent for lunch and diner in the same time window talked about here, noon for lunch and 7-8pm for diner.

    As a result I’ve always been fit and quite healthy, but unfortunately it got to my head and i thought i had the best genetics in the world thinking i could do anything that i want when it comes to eating and drinking alcohol.. i couldnt have been more wrong after developing this chronic immune disease. I managed to get cleared for about 4 months after following a strict Mediterranean diet avoiding meat and then about a month and a half later one winter night i did a sauna, got out to have a smoke, i remember it was freezing outside and i got a thermal shock.
    I woke up the next day and my face was burned and all tight. The skin eventually fell off after 2 weeks and i had a new skin better than i ever had before… 5 months later my foolishness got me into drinking and eating crap like an idiot again and the psoriasis came back… its been 6 years since ive been in denial, binging on fast food, sodas and sugary stuff thinking that i lost to the disease but im now 2 weeks into a keto diet, got rid of all lectins, sugar and sodas and the itchiness is gone. Ive also started on vitamin d3 supplements. Im giving myself 4 months to heal but i already see positive changes and the weirdest thing about everything is that before i got to learn about Gundry i was craving mushrooms hard, making myself pizzas full of mushrooms and garlic about a month ago.
    Although i gave up on everything containing yeast its still a good news knowing that one of my favorite toppings is on the menu ☺️

  15. Episode: turn back the hands of time!

  16. Great knowledge DG

  17. This man looks great for his age ☺️

  18. Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

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