Can Drinking This Water DAMAGE Your Health? | Dr. Steven Gundry

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The Plant Paradox

We've all heard before that water is vital to our health and wellness. Yet Dr. Gundry is below to warn you that all water is NOT the very same. Listen to figure out the TRUTH about the various sorts of water and the real quantity of water you must be consuming daily.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this 👍🏽

  2. Thanks very much

  3. Dr.Gundry-Where do we get Hydrogen water?

  4. How about Calcium Chloride for better health? I could never figure this out.

  5. Nobody should be drinking from any soft water system – best used for laundry and dish water etc

  6. Reverse osmosis and distillation only method of removing fluoride. Great book published in 1974 by Norman Walker “water can undermine your health”.
    He said distilled water is best for your body. Also plants have naturally distilled water. I read it years ago before they added fluoride to our water.
    I recently reviewed the book and looked him up and HE DIED AT 99 years. Lots of good information in the book. Dr. Norman Walker RIP.

    • Oh btw he also stated that minerals in mineral water too large for utilization and get deposited in organs, tissue etc. Colloidal minerals are best. San Pelegríno is owned by Nestle and they use HEK293 aborted kidney fetal cells in their products as natural flavors.
      Boycott Nestle.

  7. Thanks

  8. Dr. Gundry thanks so much. My RA has been immensely improved!
    Please comment on the planned
    Intention to switch the country permanently to daylight savings time. I seriously do better on standard time.😢

  9. Well after l water fasted 7 days to the return of hunger l threw up bile and probably heavy metal the colors in that did not look human ! But l would not try that again knowing what l know now ! Thank you doctor G !

  10. If soft water is not better for heart then reverse osmosis should be catastrophic. I dont think it is as long as you eat food

  11. Anyone out there experience anything with meal replacement shakes? There’s two out there that I’m looking at called huel and kachava I’ve read the ingredients and both of them have lectin contain things but I’m just wondering since it’s a powder will it still effect me differently. It’s hard for me because I work on the road and basically live in a hotel and only get to have certain foods that will be good rather being home and being able to cook and store food properly.

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