The 5 SURPRISING Vegetables You Need To Eat To STAY HEALTHY! | Dr. Steven Gundry

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The Plant Paradox

We are educated that all vegetables are healthy and balanced for us. Dr. Gundry states that is FALSE and not all veggies are developed the same! That's why he's below to share the top vegetables you need in your diet plan to remain healthy and balanced and also live your longest life. From prebiotic fiber-filled veggies to energy-boosting eco-friendlies your microbiome will thank you.

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  1. How ‘bout cows that eat all of these …🤪

  2. Dr. Tomatoes question. Take away the skin and seeds in tomatoes good for you ?

  3. Great tips doctor G ! I will get the brown ones for l have my right arm that is itching since l turned vegetarian and l have been eating 1 pack of white mushroom per day ! Thanks !

  4. My coffee is very bitter so that must be good, right!

  5. Cruciferaceae family, some tubers and storage roots, brown mushrooms, okra, dark bitter greens like arugula, swiss chard etc. ….

  6. Thanks for the info Doctor G

  7. I can’t easily get mushrooms where I am, but I have dried mushroom powders that I use… is that good?

  8. Recipes Quick & Simple

    Love your. Video ❤

  9. Isn’t okra a nightshade 🤔

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