If I “Let Go”, Will Everything Be Okay? | Sadhguru Answers

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The Plant Paradox

Reacting to a question concerning discovering to let go, Sadhguru speak about the dangers of popular new age spiritual trainings like release and also be in the moment, as well as discusses the difference in between looking for relief versus seeking a remedy.

Yogi, mystic and also visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a distinction. An apprehending blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and job serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary scientific research, vitally appropriate to our times.

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  1. Thank You Sadhguru whenever I need words of encouragement or even need to feel better I know whom to listen to so I can some clarity

  2. It might just be coincidence
    But literally whenever I trying get out of some issue, many times videos/community post are uploaded related to the topic
    I will forever grateful to you 🙏

  3. Wise words, as always, thank you, Sadhguru!

  4. I have been watching your channel from quite a long time and one thing which I highly appreciate that the kind of quality video you upload .Really❤️😘😘😘😘😘

  5. Honesty comes and goes. How have i shaped myself. Questions i get to ask i get to pass my overwhelming guilt. This video says something importang. Much love

  6. Amazing video.. thank you 🙏🏼

  7. Thank u you always make me feel good here and inspire me so thank u and God bless you💕💞

  8. Intelligence is different from being intelligent….The dimension of source is very different…..

  9. now,this is the fearless and powerful speech. And answer of my all confusion. Namashkaram sadhguru

  10. It’s not not being able to think about the past or future, it’s when you get lost in the past or future that it’s a problem. That the essence of living in the moment.

  11. Nghe xong bài này cái thấy tâm trạng buồn và nặng nề kinh khủng. Nhưng lại cứ phải replay hoài cả ngày😍

  12. “Let go” is for people holding on too tightly too seriously to something they can ease off on. We cant rubbish everything. I find it quite a useful advice most times.
    You cant take things literally.

  13. You aren’t wise with my intelligence, you get the wisdom with you are own intelligence, thanks Sadghuru 🤍

  14. Thank you so much Sir
    !!More power💖

  15. ‘Let go’ when you’re driving doesn’t mean let go of the wheel. It means let go of everything other than driving the car, since that is what you are doing in that moment.

  16. To remember the past and trying to relive the past are different. I chose to “let go” of the latter. Even if “letting go” isnt technically possible if nothing in the external would is “you” . It feels like it at time, the illusion feels real, thats when “I let go” and see the reality.

  17. A lot of people nowadays using the ‘Let Go’ concept to get rid of responsibility’s and find a easy escape 😢

  18. I just always felt let go meant let go of the burdens of ignorance and be free to pursue your life in a more positive manner which is basically what he is saying

  19. I think” To let go” is really talking about letting go of outcomes, so not trying to control the direction of your effort but allowing it to unfold as it wants. The Gita makes this point a lot as does The Tao. You can still have goals but rather than trying to control every aspect of your action and the outcome you become more flexible, so if your desired outcome doesn’t come about, rather than being stuck in a funk you can quickly adapt without as much emotional turmoil.
    Being in the present allows you to have a certain presence of mind and self-awareness that enables you to truly see what’s going on in your mind and not become stuck in emotions like pride and stubbornness.
    I’m not sure why he seems so against these ideas, I mean if you take them to the extreme then they won’t serve you, but they are extremely powerful techniques if done in the right way.

  20. Its all about finding balance….u cant just let go of every aspect of your life and hope things will work out but over stressing about elements one cannot control is also destructive.

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