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The Plant Paradox

Allow's face it, most of us wake up with early morning breath! But prior to you grab that bottle of mouth wash or yes, even particular toothpastes, consider this …

Nearly all oral health items on the marketplace today are really killing off the great microorganisms in your oral microbiome– which can lead to some quite severe health and wellness problems down the line.

My visitor states there are plenty of ways to naturally enhance your smile and also your wellness.

He's Puneet Nanda (NAAN-da), AKA "Dr. Fresh", an Ayurvedic expert and CEO of GuruNanda– a wellness company that combines old healing wisdom with innovative technology. On this episode we dive into the natural oral treatment choices you can make use of to support your general well-being.

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On this episode you'll find out:
– The terrifying fact about these "all-natural" household items– as well as what to make use of instead
– Why you ought to try THIS if you deal with allergies (it's economical and also entirely all-natural).
– The remarkable results vital oils can carry your health– as well as just how to utilize them in your everyday life.
– Why mouth wash (as well as the majority of tooth paste) is actually damaging your digestive tract– as well as what to make use of instead.
– How fueling oil drawing works– and why it ought to be a part of everybody's healthcare regimen.
– A few of the most effective essential oils for keeping your body healthy and balanced as well as your breath smelling fresh– as well as Dr. Fresh's favored product that integrates them all.
– Just how to get a "auto laundry in your mouth"– it can be done right from house as well as for method less than you would certainly spend at the dentist).
– The 4-part oral health and wellness programs that Dr. Fresh advises everyone do daily.

This episode is funded by GuruNanda. However, Dr. Gundry's point of views are his very own.

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  1. First woooo !

  2. snake oil salesman with PhD. But I like it.

  3. What is the product called?

  4. This is why I got dry mouth and a metallic taste in my mouth every waking hour until I quit using it, I’ll bet.

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