Are Emotions More Powerful Than Intellect? | Sadhguru Answers

Sadhguru mentions why for most individuals, it is easier to maintain feelings focused and extreme than the intelligence. Sadhguru likewise speaks about the power of dedication, as well as exactly how devotion can become a device to go beyond one's restrictions.

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Yogi, mystic as well as visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a distinction. An apprehending blend of profundity as well as pragmatism, his life as well as work serves as a pointer that yoga exercise is a modern science, really pertinent to our times.

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  1. Much respect from Fort Lauderdale. 🇨🇦🇺🇸 How can I tap into my emotional intelligence?

  2. These videos give a sense of Clarity ❤

  3. If you want to know reality, pay attention without making conclusions-Sadhguru This quite was not exactly like this but something like this I cannot copied it because my phone battery is dead not but I love this quote and everyone should reflect on it <3

  4. The best way to find an answer to all your questions is not to ask another, but to look at the question with all your energy without any intention.

  5. Both are equally important, needs to be in balance!

  6. ”Nobody in this world ever manages their objective world absolutely ”, sometimes it works for us and sometimes it doesnt work. But our subjectivity shall work for us.. always” -Sg

    • the côntent can be deduced as ACČEPTANCE teàching to reach the ultimate state or Liberation ,But is it merely a teàching ?
      No, Sadhguru is infusing myst!cal dimension to ur feminine ,masculine existence, opening u to the door ways.. It is tränsmisson , Direct interaction.

      God is not a destiny ,but a doorway -sg

    • In general sense memory is the doorway to ur life..
      Karma means your action , Karma is basically the memory bank.

    • Memory in simple terms your body, your brain.. In deep spiritual terms it is ur action.
      Action of mind, body, emotion and energy,

      All the time our actions gather certain type of suituation and we own relative things or matter in relation to that..

    • You picked this body, this body picked another body to its karmic action… You realized that and now you learn to accept ur partner 100% as god’s gift- the doorway to dissolution .

      So ”marriages are made in heaven”

    • Christopher William janz

      I agree

  7. This is so enlightening ❤️

  8. “The only true wisdom is in knowing that – you know nothing !” – Socrates.

  9. Peace and love 🙏❤️

  10. I always look forward to new videos from Sahdguru. Such profound knowledge broken down into bits of humor, that’s real skill.

  11. I always feel cry, happy & feel proud to watch the every video of Sadhguru & to feel the dept of the knowledge. I really feel proud that I m getting that knowledge which I will not get in any Book. Sadhguru whenever I feel down I watch your video & it ready to me for face the next life challenges❤️

  12. Christopher Calder

    Great talk. Very few humans have Sadhguru’s level of understanding.

  13. What’s amazing is you could have traveled the lands of India a thousand years ago and met someone like Sahdguru who would have shared the exact same wisdom almost word for word.

    True wisdom is timeless and never changes despite the toils of mankind.

  14. ۝ Elite Priest 🔹

    In an alternate scenario Grace can activate the Intelligence
    Instead of philosophies, ideologies and intellectual enquiries.

  15. Kattar hindu 🚩😡

    i was suffering from intense anxiety , depression and overthinking . for 9 months it was taking a toll on my mental health . and i literaly failed one class due to less concentration on my studies . but for four months i am listenng to sadhguru regularly for an hour daily . now something like anxiety doesnt even exists for me and overthing is just about to finish . its at the bay as compared to previous year . now i feel blissful all the time and my goals are not just limited to studies but to attain spiritual knowledge all lying within us . he has been a transforming experience in my life and i have no words to describe

    • That is great news

    • Live Let Live 2020

      Knowing your story reminded me of my way
      I mean even i initially listened to youth n truth programs.
      However after listening to some videos, he said asking questions can go down, n many more benefits will be with Isha practices.
      doing inner engineering n kriyas
      Which will help excel ourselves & also spirituality enhances 🙏🍀

  16. Leela, pathoftheplayful

    Your emotional objective will always prevail over your intellectual one. Don’t fight it. It should be like this, it will only make you happier. 💗🕉️♾️

  17. I’m so thankful to be able to listen to your wisdom. 💛

  18. The last sentence was incredible👏

  19. Very sharp and meaningful analysis 🙏🙏🙏

  20. I got that sweetest experience by intellect when I was studying psychology
    I got that wonderful experience of realisation about the World and human nature

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