How IRON DEFICIENCY Could Affect Your Hair, Skin & Nails! | Dr. Steven Gundry

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The Plant Paradox

Are you lacking iron in your diet? For ages we've been informed an iron shortage could impact your hair, skin, and nails – however is it true? Dr. Gundry claims it is NOT. As a matter of fact, iron might not be as good for you as you believe. Dr. Gundry spills the facts about iron as well as the secret trick to living longer that you can do each month.

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  1. My dad is 86 real good health & skin has aged well= fries himself a burger or steak evday all his life?!

  2. I’m high in iron the doctor said it could be from my supplements. He told me to cut out any foods or supplements that have or that is high in iron. That’s hard to do because alot of foods have iron.

  3. Christine Friedrich

    From which blood levels are people iron deficient and should supplement?

  4. Sheri Rottweilersforever

    I’m low iron so the carnivore diet is my friend.

  5. Thank you again for the historical clarification!

  6. How do you explain all the symptoms of iron loss then like brittle nails, nail ridges, heart palpitations, dizziness, extreme tiredness, lack of energy, etc.??

  7. Abdelilah BENAHMED

    like tea (green or black), coffee also lowers significantly iron absorption.

  8. Doctor Gundry thank you.
    Can you explain how to treat low serum ferritin and serum iron levels?

  9. Hi Dr. G. I have a question. I’m a low carb half Keto guy that is into nutrition. My problem is the cost of the “clean” food I eat. Am I getting the same nutritional value from grass fed/finished ground beef for $8 a pound or a $25 grass fed/finished rib eye steak? They both taste fine to me. If I’m eating to fuel my body is one better than the other? I want the biggest bang for the buck.

  10. What iron level are considered good or safe, such that we don’t consume too much iron?

  11. OK – we get that too much iron is bad for you. But what of those who eat “normal” diets and whose iron is below normal, the same also being true for their hemaglobin, hematocrit, and red blood cells. All those below the normal range, and yet iron intake is normal? My guess is that the iron is being blocked from absorbtion by certain foods and supplements (e.g. excess phytates, and a few other things). Would I be right? Related question: what are some of the symptons of low iron markers?

  12. normally I am high in iron but was turned away yesterday from donating because it was to low. The only dietary change I’ve made is drinking much more green tea. I need to find a happy medium.

  13. What is a good iron level based on blood test?

  14. Thank you for the info. I’ll stop taking iron supplements from now on.

  15. General Bystander

    It’s somewhat fallacious reasoning to conclude that longevity benefits of blood donation accrue thru iron reduction. Another explanation? reduction of toxic load as ‘dirty’, toxin-saturated blood plasma is removed from circulation

  16. Hi Dr Gundry, I have just purchased some liquid B12 as you said this was better than tablet form but I notice there is something called ProSweet in it? What is this and is it OK? Also had berry flavouring?

  17. Hello doctor, I do bodybuilding which is a sport known for its bad diets, and I wanted to ask how could I continue to do my sport by eating according to your diet, for example still going into bulk and cut cycles

  18. I would really appreciate a video about too much iron (ferritin) in your blood. I have been told that I may have a Hemochromatosis gene (HFE). I may get a blood test used to check for hereditary hemochromatosis, an inherited disorder that causes the body to absorb too much iron. Giving blood would probably help drop my iron. Thanks!

  19. Graham Christian

    Iron can also accelerate aging according to David Sinclair.

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