Russia-Ukraine War, Metaverse & #SaveSoil | Ranveer Allahbadia & Sadhguru

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The Plant Paradox

Business owner & video material creator, Ranveer Allahbadia, interviews Sadhguru on a variety of subjects– the Russia-Ukraine dispute, Metaverse, challenges and possibilities prior to Generation Z, unifying India beyond all separates, and the #SaveSoil activity.
Conserve Dirt, a worldwide motion visualized by Sadhguru, seeks to bring about a collective, mindful action to foreshadowing dirt termination. Action currently to #SaveSoil. Join and come to be an #EarthBuddy:

Yogi, mystic and also visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a distinction. A jailing blend of profundity as well as pragmatism, his life and work works as a suggestion that yoga exercise is a contemporary science, extremely appropriate to our times.

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  1. Quotes Of Wisdom

    If you are reading this…
    Remember when you thought you would never get through some stuff! And… Look at you, you are here, you ARE ALIVE, you made it! You are so much stronger that you think you are! Everything will be fine, you deserve to live life fully and to gain stability, peace and happiness. You are already moving in that direction! Love and blessings from my heart to yours!

    • Please sadhguru Make Up Your Mind Tell Modi to stop support For Putin NOW

    • Thank you. This is what I needed to hear today!!! Sadhguru you are speaking to me

    • We should all marvel that we survived the pandemic! If you are alive, you’re one of the lucky few who survived the greatest, most deadly pandemic humans have ever faced!

    • You are looking for people to work on your project. If you will be teaching them how to restore decimated lands then the people who would benefit most are refugees who want to go back to their countries and restore them. Perhaps we can all be generation yes.

  2. I am in constant awe Shadguru. You have changed my life and understanding so much.Thank you so much for everything that you do. Always 🙏🤍👣

  3. Thank you Sadhguru for sharing your wisdom with us.Your light shines brighter than the dark.

  4. Sadguru: Man who knows Yoga, Nature, Literature, Science, History, Geography, Economics etc and explains every subject thru his answers..

  5. Dear Sadhguru, your teachings, Inner engineering and the Kriya’s I learned from you brought to me what I needed and was seeking for years. I still have a lot to learn from you, our society needs you. My prayers are with you everyday. Thank you so much. I am immensely grateful.

  6. omnamahshivaya italy

    Sadhguru, we are very grateful that you are here in Europe with us in this fragile moment, I am sure this is not accidentally… Om namah Shivaja
    and of course Save our Soil

  7. A humbling reality about the soil.. really felt it this time when sadhguru laid it out without interruption. These days going to the supermarket almost makes me cry knowing how disconnected we’ve become from life, it shames me to see it, and worse to keep part taking in it.

  8. Mystics of India

    Wow! This is a very refreshing interview. Kudos to Ranveer! And We’re now safe to use the clips of the interview to make a nice video. 😀 Thanks Sadhguru 🙏

  9. No one can bring an argument of essence to you because you bring the deepest essence , everything else falls shallow of your depth ! I love how you speak of labels and people seem to not understand why is so wrong to be labeled, the conditioning is destroying the people, we must not contribute to be labeled and destroyed.

  10. Whoever is listening this: May your heart be blessed. May all your suffering ends and your wishes come true! Namaste ❤

  11. Tigist G. Fantaye

    I just have the at most respect for this man. Thank you for all you do

  12. This is brilliant wisdom. One thing Very enlightening was his take on the naming of group gen z. In today’s times one needs to wonder who came up the term gen z. Lots of questions arise

    • Youngsters are keen to stand out and shine, it has always been like this, so there were the rock ‘n rollers, hippies, the poppers, the beatniks, reggae, punk, rap, techno, house, name it and they always coined their very own phrases, names to get an identity, nothing else then a blown up ego…recently we had the Millennials, nicknamed “Generation Snowflake”, cause hey are so much driven by emotions, one wrong word and they melt…. now he mentioned “GenZ” and Sadhguru immediately picks it up – wonderful!

  13. The Gen z’s were born into information at your fingertips age, the internet has given an advantage and exposure to so much knowledge and learning that previous generations didn’t have in there school years.
    This is why some z’s appear smarter at a younger age.
    Regardless there has always been individuals that are exceptionally clever throughout history.

  14. We need this basic wisdom to be taught at Schools🙏🙏
    After 25, youngsters feel lost..we lack our foundations 🕉🕉🔱🔱

  15. Everything Sadghuru says is just common sense yet we all like “Woah that’s so true!”

    But it’s different because no one can do it like Sadhguru ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Neeta Naturals Ayurveda wellness

    I have been watching Ranveers progress over the years…. This is so heartwarming and beautiful to see this young man shining 🙌🙏🙏🙏 such a good interview, great questions were asked.

  17. The time is now. I have found a purpose in this meeting. So wonderful and entertaining to listen to. Insightful, shareable, likeable….! I’ve listened to this while getting dinner ready. So fitting. Blessings. 🙏✨❤️ NZ

  18. Love this interview, and it is so true that the human mechanism is the greatest technology as Sadhguru says. Interacting in an artificial world is like dividing some number by zero. Technology has to be kept in its place. Thank you Sadhguru

  19. Sadhana Choukkar

    Sadguru’s Presence makes the World a Better place. More Power to U Ranveer for what U are doing so well. GOD BLESS 🙏

  20. Thomas Fred Jackson 111

    Haven’t smiled or laughed this much during an interview in a long time,so good.

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