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The Plant Paradox

Yogi, mystic and also visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. A detaining mix of profundity as well as pragmatism, his life and also work functions as a suggestion that yoga exercise is a contemporary science, vitally appropriate to our times.

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  1. Namaskaram Sadhguru!!
    Always grateful to you for all the valuable teachings of life.

  2. Sadhguru: Life
    Simple answer

  3. Epitome of clarity ☀️

  4. I pray that whoever reads this and is going through a difficult time, don’t give up, good things are coming for you, you will achieve your dreams in this life time. Inbox me your problem, I will be more than willing to hear.

  5. Thank you much for given most lovely line that can change the whole world thank you my Inspiration

  6. The Conscious Movement

    You are energy. You produce thoughts, these produce emotions, emotions activate your body. They can be on the side of light or darkness, make you blossom or drown. Realise and come to start being. Being you without trying.

    Its time to live in unity.

  7. Chandra Mohan Manikkath

    Never miss lead too ❤️🙏

  8. Be fully awaked every moment to experience that moment.

  9. As simple as that 🙏 Absolutely 🙏

  10. Thank you for your lovely messages

  11. Venkatesh Kumar

    As simple as it is 🙏

  12. Never miss life ❤️

  13. Love you sadguru. When I see your face I feel happy 💖💖💞

  14. Sadhguru I had the strangest most vivid dream awhile ago of you speaking at a temple near me. It’s been on my mind and I dunno if it was just a strange dream, but it made me think of you and I really just want to extend my love to you. I love you now and forever. Thank you and keep doing what you are doing.

  15. “LIFE” amazing answer Sadhguru 😍😍

  16. Beautiful and THE REAL ANSWER. None can deny this. Thank you Sadhguru for your awakening ANSWER. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🔥🥰

  17. so simple so deep so true!❣👃

  18. Enjoy being with Sadhguru now. But if you’re following your thoughts, you’ll miss life. 💕🙏🕉️

  19. Absolutely spot on love light and blessings x

  20. WOW! live in the moment. Enjoy every drink of water, every bite of food. Live in the moment. Life is what you are doing at that very moment. Therefore live it. If you deny yourself you have missed the moment in life.

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