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In an interview with Navika Kumar of Times Network, Sadhguru reacts to a concern on the current hijab conflict, and also clarifies why youngsters ought to not be fed with the toxin of department. #hijab

Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a distinction. A detaining mix of profundity as well as materialism, his life and work acts as a tip that yoga is a modern scientific research, extremely appropriate to our times.

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  1. “Instead of looking at what unites us we continuosly look at what divides us “

    • A few rotten eggs fighting for material THINGs ALL left behind
      When we leave SO FIGHT AND

    • @Be Human media didn’t have food then

    • @mansha lamba I think all girls should start wearing hijab in schools and there will not be any controversy and it will gain uniformity. What do you think?

    • Irs because ALL the kinds of media survive on that.
      Its survives on problems and not solutions.

      We need to het aware and see whom how much our brain space and time should be given to

  2. Love alchemy by Shalini

    No matter how much hate and division the news channels try to spread, I am glad sadhguru spoke his mind. If only interviewers had the wisdom to understand half of what he wants to express.

  3. “I only see those things on television.” Only Sadhguru can be so spontaneous.

  4. Well said Guruji 🙏
    The beauty of culture of Bharat is to allow every student to wear according to their sampradaya instead of what was enforced upon us by the Brits in the name of Uniform

    • @Shaikh Hussain British brought many things to India some are good some are bad let’s take only good ones, uniform is good it teaches unity, equality, discipline and many more

    • Sadhguru said we must focus on something that unifies people…And Uniform unifies people

    • Sajal Kumar Paul

      Actually uniform was their in India before coming of Britishers means in gurukul
      And even it’s their in.madarsa too

    • @Crazy APPLE The brits only brought those things which benefited their (profits) and helped them gain control over India, I can hardly recall any good things they did specifically for the people of India. And bro they did such horrible and brutal acts that I hardly believe that they were good to Indians( not all though but many of them)

    • @Dark Knight it doesn’t matter now, if we take a look at history there were rulers worse than British, atleast British did some good even if it’s for their own benifits like education, demolition of sati system, transformations, built akhand Bharat, left democracy, left English and many more. ik they did worse things that’s y i said let’s take only good things.

  5. Appreciate that sadhguru maintained his sanity and wisdom despite the failed attempts by the anchor.

    • It’s not uncommon for anchors to do this. The interviewer often tries hard to provoke the person being interviewed in the hope that he/she spits out some sort of controversial answer which is exactly what they are looking for. It’s just to make the program more spicy which will increase viewers.Nobody is interested in watching a decent program where a wise person tries sharing his wisdom and knowledge and put forward his views but everyone is keen to watch a popular figure make blunders either minor or major that might harm their image. It’s not the fault of the media,it’s basically what the common people enjoy the most and they ask for it. Demand creates supply.

    • lol he knows people are waiting for a new controversy and demand death for blasphemy

  6. “You don’t show empty street everybody walking around peacefully”….Sadhguru Nailed it🤣🤣🤣

  7. “Things that unify us are important “❤️

  8. A true genius who have solution to the issues poisoning mankind today.

  9. So rightly said, “Children should not be fed with the hatred of division”. Just Sadhguru things 🙌

  10. “Instead of looking at what unites us we continuosly look at what divides us ” I love Sadhguru ji… He makes everything simple… never makes anything complicated.

  11. What a explanation by this genius sadguru ji ..
    He had knowledge about every issue with a good exam and his life experience for value added

  12. I’m appreciating to sadguru ji how they replied all questions to avoid all negatives and controversies

  13. Sadhguru is an Amazing person, so so knowledgeable and a special Gem of this world.

  14. I always find Sadguru’s reaction is so original and refreshing. I will remember this line forever – Next generation shouldn’t be limited by what we have been limited. Can’t agree more.

  15. I have no words to appreciate. For this speech which is true and explained where problem making people can understand..

  16. I love and respect Sadhguru because of his wisdom and understanding. I appreciate his teachings. Salute to you Guruji.

  17. Brindavan Music Academy🌷

    Awesome, diplomatic and sincere answers marked with heart-touching simplicity that subtly enlightens the listeners’ reg. Unity and practical reality

  18. I must admit he has excellent communication skills and intellect. People should learn from their own experience rather than media sources.

  19. A wise man can be discovered when ever he opens his mouth! Sadhguru is a very wise man and a genius! 🙏🙏

  20. “Look into things that unite us not divide us” itself tells it all.. intellectual 😄

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