Sadhguru’s Skydiving Adventure – Treasured Moments Episode 1 | Sadhguru

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The Plant Paradox

View Sadhguru embark on an aircraft– with a parachute obviously!

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Yogi, mystic as well as visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a distinction. An arresting mix of profundity as well as pragmatism, his life as well as work works as a pointer that yoga exercise is a contemporary scientific research, really pertinent to our times.

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  1. Bliss to see that intense Sadhguru🙏

  2. VishVibez REACTS

    “Those who are very eager to leave footprints will never fly.” -SADHGURU *(💜Your WISDOM Youtuber🙏🏽🌸🧡)*

  3. You deserve respect sadguru… Such a athletic at this age,.. Some of my friends at 30s can’t run… You are a big inspiration for them

  4. This man has certainly lived his life. I will be just as fearless in my next. Namaste.

  5. That’s a great video, i hope you enjoyed skydiving, you certainly looked like you enjoyed it 😊

    I have done one tandem skydive during my life and will do many more I hope.


    He is living his life ..exploring every aspects of life.. We are just scrolling screen , sitting on bed..


    found this channel randomly; it is really a channel that produces quality content.😙😙

  8. Guruji, u touched my life since day 1 I know you. Im so grateful.

  9. Sadhguru seems calmer than the professional diver himself!

  10. A legend and I love he forever 💜

  11. Wonderful saying guruji🙏🏼
    “Life is very brief but death is very long”
    Really one should live life to the fullest by experiencing every minute of life💯

  12. All his teaching makes a direct impact and guides us in the right direction. It is us who are not able to arrange life to experience life fully!!

  13. Kids Painting Skills

    You deserve respect sadguru… Such a athletic at this age,.. Some of my friends at 30s can’t run… You are a big inspiration for them

  14. Airborne wings for Sadhguru! Loved seeing this as a former paratrooper in the military.

  15. I bless you with a very brief life.Not in terms of time but in terms of experience.

  16. Hej! That time I was skydiving also!!! Then for the first time it was great. 280jumps. , but theh marriage and children and a pause of 15 years happened…after experiencing freefall you dont’t forget about it. 2022 I’m getting back to it!! As a mother of two, 6&10 they are old enough, and i am still young enough to pick up where i left off.. thanks for the motivation!! 🦋😎👍🏻

  17. We are blessed to have such a dynamic mystic with us 🙏🙏🙏 namaskaram sadhguru

  18. Thank you, Sadhguru.
    You are adding Moments to our life basket.
    Mahadev Bless Us All!

  19. This brought huge smile to me. I’m with you on “rather jump then stay in plane.” Reminded me of exactly what I thought too. lol thank you for all you do!

  20. Wow extremely brave I must say I am happy however not sure sky diving is for me lol 🙏❤️

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