What to Do If Your Child Becomes Depressed | Sadhguru #shorts #depression #sadhguru

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  1. I will use this for myself. Thank you Sadguru jii

  2. This is not only for children even adults too, lack of hobbies and exercise makes a person depressed. Thankyou for the wisdom Guruji

    • @Drunk Weather Vids Start slowly…maybe 5 mins walk for one week, increase to 10 the next week, and so on..don’t force yourself or you will stop… I got the same problem but I saw remarkable changes in my anxiety,, depression and fatigue problems

    • Drunk Weather Vids

      @Kit Kat You mean like, you do say a 5 minute walk each day and gradually make it longer and you saw your fatigue improve?

    • @Drunk Weather Vids …I mean 5 mins each day for week… increase to 10 mins the other week… if it works, do 15 mins the third week… u can get positive results if you reach 1 hr each day… please take your doctor’s advice first.. I still get severe anxiety and depression almost everyday which results in fatigue. Physical movement is very Important as it unlocks all the blocked energies which accumulate due to stress…. you can try some enjoyable activities like dance ( according to your capabilities as too much can make you very tired ) ….. include or create some hobbies like meditation, singing, listening to music , painting, gardening ) but please make sure you don’t overdo it… listen to your body.. it will tell you when to stop…good luck my friend and God Bless You 🙌🙏❤

    • Drunk Weather Vids

      @Kit Kat Ok thanks for the advice my friend.

    • @Drunk Weather Vids you welcome my friend

  3. Well Said with Deep understanding and observation 🙏

  4. VishVibez REACTS

    “Fear, anger, misery, frustration, depression, and despair are all products of a mind that you have not taken charge of.” -SADHGURU *💜Your WISDOM YouTuber🙏🏽☀️🌸*

  5. VishVibez REACTS

    “Health is not just absence of disease but a wholeness that involves physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.” -SADHGURU *🙏🏽Your WISDOM YouTuber* 💜🧡

  6. As a person who suffered depression for almost 3 years, this is the best advice that anyone can give to a depressed person.

  7. Chirag Mittal IIITDWD

    I have experienced this, When i was preparing for JEE i was into books all the time, when lockdown started I had literally nothing to do except to study and nobody can study whole day, In previous days i used to o out go into my coaching building up and down like 10 times a day, suddenly it all stopped. But eventually i started running for sometime daily and now I dont feel that way.

  8. Remko Jerphanion

    I think that Sadhguru’s advice is best used as a measure to prevent depression among children.

  9. I believe this would work for adults too : )

  10. Physical excercise is really important for mental growth👍

  11. True, I started going to gym I felt some kind of fulfillment in my life. Then with omnicron I had to stop going to gym and now I feel depressed again.

  12. I want to say, I wish my parents knew this, the reason of my depression is my parents and family members itself. And after so many years I got to know my depression started at 10 or 11 years. Now recovering slowly.

    • @C P Same here. Because if all that, I grew more conscious about everything. But I still have to go a long way.

    • why not try to shift the energy to positive feedback! This topic is about depressed children. It can take time to heal into adulthood🤗tough comments work with some people 👌 but hey 🤷 your welcome to your opinion though

    • @C P if only we had 📱 back in the day maybe I wouldn’t of been nerdy 🤓 staus 🤣 however it got me into college and kept me outta trouble. Stay strong, positive, and healthy mentally and spirituality 💞✌

    • @NewsNow yes of course.

    • Hey, I hope you are doing well. Things may be hard right now but know that it will pass. Sun will rise and you’ll be happy again.

      It’s OK to cry , it’s OK to rely on someone’s shoulder, it’s OK to not feel well and it’s OK to be unhappy.
      At last everything is going to be well.
      I hope you recover fastly and enjoy every single moment of your life. Past is past, focus on your future. Believe in yourself.
      Purple you 💜

  13. Being a Father of my 4 year old Autistic daughter, Would really love to know if anything can be done to help my kid in any ways

  14. Chook InAThunderstorm

    My son’s saviour was comedy shows. Especially TV shows and stand up comedians that demonstrated that they could laugh, now, about the types of troubles and devastating situations they’d been through, by sharing those thoughts and feelings they’d experienced at the time with the audience and having so many there respond with recognition of the situations.
    Their failed and successful attempts to control their situations and the good or bad outcomes. By articulating those experiences with incisive wit and wry examination of awkward actions and reactions , anyone feeling the same feels included and understood and can see by the audience response that they are not alone in the depressing experiences they suffered.
    A lot of these type of comedians are really needed during these times and are a gift to healing what ails a lot of kids here and now.

  15. Music: yes, a language, that describes my emotions, pain and life.
    Music is the best healer 💜

  16. SATGURU very well said , I live in New York and I have three boys born here , first thing I did with them is put them in sports when they were 4or 5 years old , and the result is they are very healthy smart and strong.

  17. This is so true because my daughter was becoming depressed but then she found rock and roll and she loves it so much and even wants an electric guitar right now. She’s been a lot happier and definitely out of that depressing state.

  18. Works for adults too 😆 that’s how I got out of depression: music and dance

  19. I’ve done sports and music when I was young. Guess what, bad parents and genetics cause mental health issues. I had depression and still do
    It never went away. I am learning to regulate my emotions as an adult. That which I should have learned when I was young. They should learn how to regulate their emotions. Meditation puts imyou into another frame of mind. Not the same as motion meditation he is suggesting. FYI..the depression can be seen in the genes as well as brain activity. So, it’s more than just participating in sports or music. The arts like painting can help too. Anyways, he is not wrong, but its only a part. The parents need to regulate their emotions and teach that to their children.

  20. I can’t thank you enough Mr sadhguru .. i was so in need of this advice
    Lots of love and respect from Morocco

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