1 New Year’s Resolution You Must Take! | Sadhguru #shorts #newyear

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Yogi, mystic as well as visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. A jailing mix of profundity and also materialism, his life and work functions as a tip that yoga is a contemporary scientific research, extremely appropriate to our times.

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  1. Just got initiated into Shambhavi, I started my sadhana today ❤️

  2. Meditation is the greatest thing on earth, you realise how dumb your mind is ♥️

    • @The Atheist Good point. It is the reason you there are many pathways not just meditation pathway or dhyana yoga. We have Karma yoga. It is based on Jnana yoga. Those who are living in the material world can practice both Jnana and Karma yoga. Jnana yoga can put an end to your needless mind chatter (like thought patterns, habitual thoughts, regrets, attachments, hatred etc). Jnana yoga is like fasting. But how to mimic the Jnana yoga state when you are acting in the world?. It is where Karma yoga comes in. You act but still don’t create karma. It also means, meditation pathway (whether Kriya or Jnana yoga) is just one of the pathways to remove past karma. So, Karma yoga is like keto diet. (you eat but still mimic fasting).

      It is the reason why sages say that both Vyavaharika (material realm) and Parmarthika (beyond material realm) are important. Gurus usually focus on the paramathika realm. But it does not mean material realm is not important. Dharma and Karma (due to violation of dharma) are laws of nature and they are inversely proportional.

    • What is your advice on getting good in meditation?

    • @shoDOHC keep doing it, like everything in life, it’s only mind that over thinks everything 🙏

    • @The Atheist dreaming is not needed, that’s why you meditate, to wake up from dreaming and illusions from mind, my opinion

    • @The Atheist it’s not why you meditate, you can’t change the world , you meditate to not cling to world, you don’t do it to change other people !! 🤣🤣

  3. May the wind lift you up
    and the stars make you wonder
    May the sun let you grow
    And the rain drive you on through your thunder

    May you find all good things you seek today
    and hold a guiding light for those who have lost their way

    Remember the darkness beneath every step of this journey
    so shine the light through your heart forever
    to see your path of Eternity

    {as given through}
    Gabriel Lamb

  4. He is right , I feel it everyday , every word he said is true , all you need is to get deeper and deeper into it so it’s not just two mins but starts covering whole day and night . 🙏

  5. ❤️❤️❤️❤️sadhguru ji 🙏🏾

  6. Just spending time with your god self is so perfect in itself ♥️❤️♥️❤️

  7. VishVibez REACTS

    “Meditation means going back to one’s original nature. When one is simply with this breath, all identifications dissolve.” *—SADHGURU 💜🙏🏽Wisdom YOUTUBER 🌸*

  8. VishVibez REACTS

    “If there has to be world peace, the first thing a human being has to learn is to be peaceful within himself.” *—SADHGURU 💜🙏🏽Wisdom YOUTUBER ☀️🙏🏽💫*

  9. I meditate daily. I love me the most. I took very good care of my body and soul the temple of my body !
    Amen and thanks

  10. I said the same thing to two guys yesterday, and saw this video just now,
    Thanks Sadhguru, for already changing lives before announcing publicly.

  11. I quit smoking weed a month or two after starting to meditate. He is speaking the absolute truth, meditating makes me feel much better than weed did

    • What got you able to meditate well?

    • Aditya Raj Sharma

      Please @Zack elaborate.
      What is meditation and how you do it? How were you able to give up your smoking habit? Have you stopped every kind of addiction? Are you now 100% toxin free(no weed,no cigg etc)?

  12. Happy New Year To Everyone ❤🌟🇮🇳🙏☺🤩🌈🤘👍

  13. I am definitely looking into this! And meditating daily was on my list!

  14. Bhagyalakshmi S J

    It’s a peaceful resolution 🙏 😊

  15. 🙏❤️💫 We all need this more than everything. Meditation and peace within.

  16. I meditate 🙏
    Love from Slovenia ❤

  17. The feeling he describes is ” feeling free from this physical world” not bounded by nothing,just you living en being there.

  18. Thank you sir you said what I been trying to explain myself to my family.

  19. I have been blessed with this skill my whole life. I clearly remember as early as five years old I easily could separate my thoughts from myself, meditated without even knowing the word for it. Already doing things even my living elders could not comprehend

  20. Lorraine J Blackwell

    Thank You I feel blessed to have been guided to you and your Wisdom🙏🏻

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