The #1 WORST Ingredient Hiding In Your Food! | Dr. Steven Gundry

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The Plant Paradox

The # 1 worst active ingredient to take in is hiding in the food you consume daily. This all-in-one health destroyer is the main root cause of a leaky intestine and also damages your digestive tract microbiome with every bite. Recently big factory farms have actually been putting it on mostly all plants that are being taken in by our livestock – implying every single time you eat commercial meat you are harming your health and wellness. Hiding in all of our breakfast cereals, also organic oat bars as well as vegan meats it has actually been located to be a probable human carcinogen! Dr. Gundry will expose the real his top ideas for preventing this dangerous component so you can considerably boost your health and long life.

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  1. God Bless You !!
    Prayers of protection for speaking the truth.
    May you be blessed abundantly for your service to humanity .

  2. Great video, here in the Netherlands (Europe) it is forbidden to use this product for farmers

  3. jarichards99utube

    Once Again, THANK YOU Dr. Steven Gundry…! : ) P.S. Yet another “All-In-One” Miracle Product from our “friends” Big-AG… : (

  4. Yep, I was very surprised when I first learnt you could kill weeds with vinegar and you didn’t need to by weedkiller with harsh chemicals. However I don’t think you’d want to use vinegar and agricultural fields as it makes the land basically baron. Perhaps you can dilute it, or it washes away over time due to rain water returning the soil PH back to normal.

    • Vinegar + salt + dishwasher detergent can be used to kill weeds (if you apply before time of strong sun exposure).

  5. Stephanie Rogers

    Why has roundup not been banned like in Europe? We are so behind the rest of the world when it comes to food safety!!!!!!! Ticks me off so bad !!!!!!!

  6. The FDA needs to revisit this and pull glyphosate from usage!!!

  7. Thank you for condensing this information down short enough so I can share and they might watch 🤲🏻

  8. Where can we get a list of Roundup sprayed foods? I have come across information a few times reciently that says that Corn for direect human consumption is not sprayed with Roundup. I figure I/we could use the best information possible on this topic. Thanks

    • I can’t answer your question completely but I did read that strawberries and spinach are the absolute worst foods to eat that are contaminated with glyphosate.

    • @Joyce Wright Ya, they are in the top dirty dozen list for sure👍

  9. Good information about glyphosate.
    Put in foods by farmers(strangers to their consumers).
    Strangely, we seek health by guzzling extracted oils which have strong antimicrobial properties. Think about it

  10. Apparently you can detoxify glyphosate with about 5 g of glycine. Tip: If you take glycine in the evening you’ll probably also have a better sleep.

  11. Thank you so very much!!! Sending to friends and family 👍🙏

  12. Great video Doc, glyphosate also destroys the microbiology of the soil at which point it becomes dirt and will require large inputs of expensive petroleum based nitrogen fertilizer to grow anything. Regenerative Agriculture is the future of farming.

  13. Unfortunately the ignorant masses don’t care about these findings and just keep on with their own demise…!!! Great video.

  14. I’m a mid 60 african. My family has been poor since I remember. All of us and many friends that I know have liver, kidney and intestine problems. I started to have serious liver and intestinal damage as well since a years ago. Inflammation and pain getting worse and worse over time.
    It seems that most people nowadays use chemical stuffs as herbicides in farming, and it’s very toxic in long term health. We the poor have a tradition to not waste anything to use all parts of vegetable to make soup and broth, like the bottom part, root and peel. I have watched videos that many modern people do it too. However, those parts nowadays contain a lot of herbicide which is hard to wash off. I’ve only learned about it recently from a professional doctor. Sadly, it’s too late for me to know about that. We have been doing it for decades and it has done so much damage to our bodies. We are not even aware of it… Even if I knew, I am too poor to throw away the parts to waste the food.
    Please don’t make our mistakes if you have a choice. Avoid herbicides residue if possible. I didn’t have the knowledge and didn’t have a choice actually. But I guess you do.

  15. Awesome always looking forward to your videos ! brilliant doctor

  16. Thanks for this important production..

  17. Sandeep J. Lalka

    What we need is Vedic farming which is capable of controlling weeds, insects, pests etc naturally. It may be the desired way to go, however for mass production, it may not be a viable option. Since you cant believe your farmers and government agencies to certify that in your food, looks like you should do your own farming some day 🙂

    Humans are more helpless against other humans than other factors like weather, wild animals etc. Its humans killing humans

  18. Anonymous User

    Glyphosate is used in dams for municipal water supply to kill aquatic weeds, so residue is found in tap water.

  19. Thanks a million for this extremely enlightening video, Dr. Gundry!

  20. Good to know! Thank you Dr. Gundry!

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