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The Plant Paradox

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If you've reviewed my brand-new book, Opening the Keto Code, you recognize everything about the mitochondria – as well as why it's SO essential for total health.
It turns out, that both aging as well as illness are regulated by our mitochondrial DNA.
As well as because of points like air pollution, stress and anxiety, and also inadequate diet regimen, our mitochondria can start to put on down with age.
The bright side is, in many cases, this damages canister be repaired.
And also my visitor today is here to share among the most convenient, most budget friendly techniques for sustaining the wellness of your mitochondria.
I invite back Catharine Arnston, the owner, CEO, and Chief Scientific Policeman of ENERGYbits – a wellness firm concentrating on edible algae tablets.
Catharine shares her newest research study on just how you can help unlock the power of your mitochondria with algae– one of one of the most potent superfoods on the airplane.

In this episode you'll find out:
The "dietary rockstar" that has the greatest concentration of healthy protein and also nutrients on the planet
What the United Nations has backed given that the 1970s as the "solution to globe cravings" (and also where you can get it).
Why mitochondria are the trick to life (and exactly how shielding it can assist support healthy and balanced immune and also mitochondrial feature).
The mitochondrial-support diet plan – as well as exactly how it might benefit your energy and also weight.
Why most spirulina products are missing THIS essential enzyme– and also where you can obtain it.
Why this guy associates algae to saving his life– as well as the advantages it may have on YOUR health.
Just how you can obtain the matching of a whole plate of veggies in just one tablet computer.
What to do if you're attempting to eliminate lectins and also carbs (and also just how to obtain efficient nourishment).

The episode was funded by ENERGYbits however Dr Gundry's opinions are his very own.

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  1. Each one Teach one

    Would astaxanthin be in this same class? I’ve heard remarkable things about it but not enough health professionals are talking about it.

  2. Jennifer Winston

    Excellent science! We find over 11,000 peer reviewed journal articles talking about this. New product breakthrough with simple choices like algae may change the landscape of medicine.

  3. Going to give their sampler pack a try and see how I get on.
    Will report back!

  4. Cooltools Roger

    Just ordered it for my family! Thank you for taking the time to put this out there, my wife has MS and this will help her especially.

  5. Lynn Youngblood

    I love her spirulina!! (Energy Bits) It totally prevents my severe seasonal allergies. I take 33-40/day.

  6. Problem is high Omega6 to Low Omega3 ratio.

  7. Thanks a lot docs ! My health has got better in the last few years thanks to you , l’m definitely going to try her products ! Namaste !

  8. Concerns me spirulina might have too much iron in it. I’ve seen studies that show people with low iron levels live longer.

    • A healthy body does a good job regulating iron from plant sources; definitely, iron overload not a problem. I hope this helps!

  9. Can chlorella make your skin more sensitive? I was taking both spirulina and chlorella when I suddenly started getting more moles.

  10. Fantastic and Important Podcast! Thanks Dr Gundry and your very informative guest! Trying to save lives! God bless!

  11. Britta christensen

    Thank you to both Dr Gundry and Cathrine Arnston for this great and informative video. I am convinced and would like to try it.

    Where do I buy it from? I thought there would be a link here somewhere but I can’t find it.

  12. Even though I agree algae/spirulina has some essential nutrients to your body, but it’s not a proper way to say that one pill is equal to whatever X times of certain food like vegetable or meat, it’s not, this is kind of misleading way to illustrate how much nutrition in a pill vs food, not to mention also how much your body can absorb, how much all those nutrients work together compare to eating food as a whole.

  13. Thank you!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻♥️

  14. Great information. Cancer is a mitocôndria problem.

  15. This came out in perfect timing MR.Gundry I’m gonna be traveling a lot for work and I know for a fact people with these jobs tend to have fast foods daily and most likely constantly eating or snacking but I’ve been following the lectin free for a few months and I’ve been telling myself this isn’t a “diet” anymore it’s a way of life so having these with me will definitely help and keep me on track

  16. Elijah Connor Cole

    Just in time, my bag of celery juice powder is two doses away from empty 🙂 Getting a bag of 1,000 50/50 spirulina chlorella.

  17. Abe Bammydheley

    Dr gundry, you are amazing and heaven loves you

  18. Can you help us understand the relationship of how this can help a person pre-disposed to cancer and also have an over-run of Candida?

  19. Michelle Drake

    Could you please talk about herbs. There are so many information out there about how different herbs that can heal health problems. Like, clove help with hormones. Is this true?

  20. Dr G, will a pressure cooker destroy the lectins in mustard?
    Thank you.

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