The TRUTH About The Water You’re Drinking & The DANGEROUS Secrets To Look For | Dr. Steven Gundry

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The Plant Paradox

If there's one thing we would all die in days without– it's WATER.

That's why I'm reviving this vital episode where I dive deep into a subject much of us might not think much regarding: Hydration.

On this episode, I disclose the TRUTH regarding mineral water, just how much water you need to truly be consuming alcohol on a daily basis, whether "fashionable" waters live up to the hype, as well as a lot more.
In this episode, you'll discover:
– How much water do you actually require to drink each day? The answer might surprise you.
– If you have actually been consuming alcohol sufficient water by squeezing THIS body part
– The "water terminal" reason why a lot of marathon runners collapse mid-race
– Why you should constantly avoid this popular water resource
– One additive to typical faucet water that may really profit your mind
– Why alcohol consumption faucet water infected with this chemical may actually be incredibly unsafe for your intestine health
– Just how detoxing may really be placing MORE toxins into your bloodstream
– Why this "cool" beverage is actually really helpful for you– and could also aid you shed extra calories!
– The once you need to never ever consume alcohol water
– Why this prominent water brand name might actually be HURTING your digestion health and wellness

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  1. I just figured this by my own after months of drinking alkaline water. It made my energy goes way down. I came back to acidic water and I see some improvement!

  2. sibusiso ntuli

    Why then the Alkaline water seem to be cleaning your system.? Maybe for the health conscious individuals they drawn by those benefits in few weeks and here in South Africa it seems to be a very Trending alternative among people. My question is though for someone who is diabetic what’s the best option. Tap or charcoal charged water. Thank you

  3. Anthony Termini

    I live 2200 ft above the High Desert in Warner Springs, Ca. up here is all well water. Some have high minerals, 50ft away could be a Artesian well. Even though our wells are filtered we still have high minerals in our water, I can tell this by our coffee maker lasting about two to three months and the coffee pot gets a white film on the glass. The best filter I can find are the ones that come with the water dispenser in your refrigerator, coffee problem solve. This is what I can afford and I don’t worry about it. A little filter and conditioner on the shower head helps there.

  4. Tough, Complex subject, thanks for taking this on.

  5. Could you talk about herbs on the next podcast please?

  6. I can’t believe we have to study water to find out the least harmful options

  7. Some spring or underground waters arsenic in them. They need to be tested first.

  8. I grew up drinking rain water in the Caribbean I’m 74 and quite healthy no water treatment

  9. Alkaline Water
    Some alkaline water machines have a stainless steel rod in the water.
    When a current of electricity is created between a metal conductor and water, atoms from the conductor rod sinter off and enter the water. The metal atoms from the rod enter as individual atoms, which is a colloid or “gas” of atoms.

    Stainless steel contributes iron, chromium, and nickel. How much is problematic, however the metal colloid (gas) is 100% absorbed by the body; total bio-availability.
    Nickel is poison.

  10. Roukaya Omm-ala

    I have been always told that coffee and greentea dehydrating 🤨

  11. LookFeelBeHealthy

    R/O systems actually make your water acidic, due to them removing the good minerals along with the bad stuff. To make up for this, you should use a mineral replacement canister after the R/O system to replace the good minerals and re-neutralize the PH of your water. Also, there’s a HUGE difference between forced mineralized alkaline water (what he was talking about) and ionized water. It is true that the bottled alkaline water in the stores won’t raise your PH, but ionized water will, due to the shrinking of water molecules, which allows for 6x the cellular hydration as regular water. The best of both worlds is to drink ionized water that’s also hydrogenated.

  12. What about distilled water ? I’m wondering what’s your opinion.

  13. I am your fan Dr.Gundry! I’m Brazilian and I used google translator to write. I’ve heard that the guts heal in 5 days. So if I eat junk food (cheese burgers, fries, desserts, etc), once a week and for the remaining 6 days, I go on the ketogenic diet (with vegetables, mushrooms, leeks, chard, kale, avocado, lemon, baru nut, Brazil nut, olive, olive oil, lectin free, etc…). In these 6 days the intestine is already healed.
    Health is about being able to heal more than hurting us, isn’t it? So can I be happy one day of the week eating junk food and the other 6 days of the week making the gut happy eating a ketogenic diet?

  14. michael corrigan

    Thanks Dr Gundry for this great video. I wonder if B12 deficiency is partly linked to provision of clean, drinking water. When humans lived in very small communities water came from springs which could have picked up B12 from the soil.
    The natural filtration as rainfall soaked through the earth could have contributed B12?

  15. Денис Дмитриев

    Hey, Dr. G. Thank you so much for these useful information. I have a question -is it good for our health to drink water/tea/coffee… while eating? Shall we drink water before meal or is it better to drink after couple hours after? Thank you!

  16. Good one, Dr. Gundry!

  17. Top Secret Bear

    What about digesting collected rain water? Is bird poop on a roof and ultimately it ending up in drinking water a problem and does filtering remove any said problems?

  18. I have 2 questions Dr. G : 1. Can we get all the benefits of eating nuts such as cancer fighting properties by eating coconut?
    2. Can we say weight gain is one of the side effects of adequate vitamin d intake ?

  19. I bought a Soda Stream a few years ago and ended up testing the PH of my water before and after injecying CO2. The results shocked me as the PH dropped a great deal, Soloution – I added a small pinch of Baking Soda to it and it Worked very well – I learned just how much was correct for the PH of my wather throught the year as it chanced throughout the tear – I live in a mountain valley and the PH of my water supply would change a couple of times/yeat. In the spring/early summer for the snow melt off and again in the fall/early winter(still can’t figure this one out).
    I also soon learned not to use the Soda Stream flavours as some were terrible and mad me feel slightly ill – I found out quickly as to why after thourghly reading the Ingrediants and again checking the PH after I added the Flavourings. In my case – we here have a very good water supply as I check the water management testing results, which are typically far lower that the Health Canada Guidelines. At first I thought the Baking Soda would cause a great deal of a bubbly pressure, but not at all. Our water supply comes mainly from a bigger mountain stream and when required from a nearby lake that does noyhave any treated sewer pimped into it. Linda a long comment but worth it considering Today’s Topic. 👍As usual.

  20. Dr. G,

    Would you happen to know what sole water is, and if so, what are your thoughts?
    Thank you!

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