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The Plant Paradox

Full show notes and transcript:

Got Butyrate? Yes, this things ACTUALLY does a body good!

If you've been paying attention to this podcast for awhile, you understand I love this gut-health increasing, POSTbiotic called butyrate.

In my approaching book "Unlocking the Keto Code", I'll reveal exactly how butyrate is a health rockstar for numerous factors, including its capability to aid enhance your mitochondrial feature.

And my unique visitor, John Eid, Principal Science Police officer and also founder of Pendulum, is likewise a huge butyrate follower. As a matter of fact, he's built an occupation around it by researching genomic modern technology and also the microbiome for over 2 years.

On this episode, he offers us an interesting 411 on all points butyrate.

We additionally discuss why this special postbiotic is so vital for wellness as well as exactly how to ensure your body generates enough of it so you live a long, healthy and balanced life!

On this episode you'll learn:
Why your "intestine yard" wont thrive without THESE 3 substances (and also just how to obtain even more of them) (6:00).
The "money" of the digestive tract– as well as why it's so vital for general health (including the avoidance of metabolic ailment) (9:00).
How to recognize if your body is producing butyrate or otherwise (as well as how to check yourself right at home) (12:00).
2 scrumptious, easy means to promote your body's production of butyrate (14:30).
Why THIS my be responsible for persistent weight-loss– and also how to recover your body's ability to burn fat (19:00).
My FAVORITE digestive tract bug, why it's so crucial for total wellness, and exactly how YOU can obtain it in supplement kind (for the really first time!) (23:30).
Why many people are running reduced on this essential gut buddy– as well as exactly how to support your body's supply (30:00).
Just how 2 of my people with high-insulin levels totally reversed their health– by making ONE modification (33:00).

Discussed on this episode:.
Pendulum Life Site (usage code GUNDRY for 20% off).

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  1. The carivore diet and garlic with liver cleansing teas and cats claw is what brought me back to life. I also get out in the sunshine 🌞😎

  2. Always great information. I’m flying solo here – trying to get control over my chronic fatigue. It’s a monumental task but my local physician doesn’t consider I have ‘borderline’ high fasting glucose OR that i’m chronically fatigued and my TPO is elevated. Nope- not a problem with my GP, not even a mention of it in my lab followup. I’m wondering – ‘why did I go for a followup’? ………..sad.

    • @TJ – Thanks! I’ll research that.

    • @Ray Nabozny Thanks – I’ll check it out!

    • Susan hun…. get yr adrenal function checked out…. I suffered with CFS/FYBRO for 40 years…. not living but existing and often so depressed and seeing no way out….. I recently found out my adrenal function was suppressed. I am now on medication and my exhaustion and pain levels are much improved…… 😊👍

    • @PrincessGreenEyes – thank you! It really makes sense that my adrenals are involved!!

    • @PrincessGreenEyes Oh my goodness! I know many people are so much worse off than me! I’ve only had these symptoms since 2nd week of November – not YEARS. So I feel very fortunate. I did consult with a chiropractor who does kinesiology – he put me on Simplex F from Standard Process (hormonal glandulars) I am feeling almost back to normal now! I am so thankful. thank you for responding!

  3. What about the beta hydroxy butyrate that we produce when eating a healthy ketogenic diet? Do we need to buy your products when we are making our own?

  4. Frankly, of course, I see the intelligence of this podcast. However, the cost is prohibitive at $165.00 per month, as an example for one suggested for Type 2 diabetes supplement. Perhaps, that’s fine for folks with a ‘very’ serious existing problem or plenty of money. But, for most of us, I guess we’ll just add more inulin to our diet. Thank you.

    • He’s not connected to anything but the $

    • My sentiment exactly. Double the cost for 2 of us, its prohibitive, even with 20 percent off. I was all set to order too.

    • vegetables, apple cider vinegar, time restricted eating are basically free. Supplements are not necessarily needed. Polyphenols from coffee, pomegranate, grape seed extract are cheap too.

  5. Great info! Thanks Dr. Gundry! Question: would a sibo patient benefit from this new postbiotic? Normally, products that have inulin trigger sibo symptoms for me.

  6. Thank you both for this fascinating video. I’ve known for a decade now that illness begins in the gut. I believe it 150%. I know 2 very chronicly ill people and they BOTH have horrible digestion and elimination problems, and multiple other serious illnesses too (Diabetes and fibromyalgia) and I just know that the diabetes and fibro are both an end result of the gut issue. It’s the root of the problem. I just finished reading a book that goes onto explain how these illnesses are a result of loss of digestive enzymes and gut bacterias, which break down and deliver our nutrients to the areas in the body that we need to function. Loss of enzymes and strains of bacteria result in deficiencies which lead to illness. I am not a doctor, this is what i’ve read and understand from others. I wish more medical professionals would do research into this and stop pushing toxic pharmaceuticals on people. Let food be your medicine, God knew what He was doing when He created our incredible body. Just feed and water it properly and it will grow and thrive.

    • Nan's Global Kitchen

      I have gut issues because I have no gallbladder it was taken out in 1987, and I have now started having these gut issues. I had a colon and endoscopy done one month ago everything is good but I still have this gassy, bloating, choking feelings and then sometimes I have slight burning in the pit of my stomach, I have difficulty burping and breathing or constantly burping! I had H pylori 12 years ago so I am thinking its back again but doc dont want me to get tested, saying its okay. I really want to feel my old self again!

  7. Thanks Dr. Gundry, as always, just amazing. I enjoy a lot your podcast because I learn and enhance my knowledge. I have a question. Is there a possibility that we ran out of good probiotics in our gut? Thanks in advance!!!

  8. I am not exagerating, these guys are heroes of the real world. The information they provide makes me eager to search more information and get into deeper knowdlege about health. I never get tired of thanking these people. Great Job!!!

  9. Ordered mine and looking forward to reaping some benefits.

  10. I was always an allopathic medicine believer. You know, give me a pill and I’m okay, but now I’m a convert. I’m 73, had type II diabetes for almost 20 years, have lost 19 lbs. in less than 3 months have cut my diabetic meds in half and my blood sugar is solidly in the 90-115 range. i’ve also been off my lisinipril and my BP averages 116/69. Question. I would like to stop keeping Pfizer profitable all by myself with the eliquis I’m taking for Afib. Is it possible to come off that too with Dr’s guidance?

    • I’m just guessing, that to stop the Eliquis, you might need to still take at least some natural clot-busters that a doctor suggests. Because of being diagnosed with aFib in 2017, doctor suggested one of those. I think it worked fine, but it was hard to always get from Canada in time, and I convinced him to let me try one easier to get. I was taking one in the morning and one at bedtime, but during and after co_ id last fall, I switched to 3 a day, and now it’s 4, all spread out. Co_id, and also the shot can cause clotting, so the doctors have to be very careful.

    • You can thank the rockefeller medicine men or the drug model.

  11. I’m a little confused about consuming sesame oil to help reduce hypertension since in other videos you’ve denounced sesame as a seed to avoid. Maybe I’m confused but willing to add sesame oil to my hypertension health regime if these percentage reductions are being seen in blood pressure checks. Thanks.

  12. Thanks to you, a profound overseer, I can finally take leaps in the right direction, and innumeral and conspicuous benefits, in my direction. Could bee pollen be apart of my diet?

  13. Dr Gundry, I am a great fan of your products and your research especially active advantage and prebiothrive and polyphenol powders. I have few questions, Can you talk about your perspective about colostrum , hydrogen infused water and C60 in your Q and A.

  14. Dr. Gundry, does “wheat dextrin” contain lectins? What is your opinion on it’s use as a fiber supplement?

  15. Thanks for sharing this very important topic Dr. Gundry…!

  16. So perhaps we could create a Nano delivery system for Butyrate like we have with Glutathione???? This way you bypass the stomach acids that might destroy it.

  17. Dr. Gundry…you are a true hero! Finally someone is telling us the truth about how our bodies work and more importantly why our bodies are responding to the foods and diets we’ve been encouraged to subscribe to. My lifelong battle with eczema, bloating & pain is over because of your program! THANK YOU!!!!💗⭐️💗⭐️💗⭐️💗

  18. I am just staring my journey on a healthier life. keto diet with supplements to start now i’m getting to understand the microbiome. This video is so informative to help me understand whats going on inside my gut

  19. I’ve had unexplainable symptoms for two years like stomach pain and getting extreme cold sensations and chills after eating, especially acidic and spicy foods. Getting extremely cold at night was also an issue to the point where I had to make tea in the middle of the night to warm up from the inside, because nothing else helped. I would be suicidal at times because it was so unbearable. I’ve had a gastroscopy done three months ago and was diagnosed with an inflamed stomach. it has been coming back every couple of days for the past two years, but nobody could really figure out why. Been taking sodium butyrate 2 to 3 times a day for two weeks now and I am a totally different person. Finally happy again. I swear by this stuff. Definitely recommend for anyone with digestion issues. ✨🥰

  20. Thank you both! This is so interesting. I’ve been learning and researching also the microbes of the soil as well as on the Mind-Gut Connection Podcast and companies such as Holganix working in the soil microbe world. I am a gardener and that journey has collided with my own health and SO excited you are helping us all be aware of this research. THANK YOU 🙂

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