science behind the Wim Hof Method

Component of the interview by Rhonda Patrick with Pierre Capel about the science behind the Wim Hof Method

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  1. very informative stuff here, thanks for posting.

  2. Thank You Pierre! This is singularly the most informative interview on the WHM and the science behind it. A huge thanks from a 70yr old Wim Hof follower.

  3. There are getting to be a few interviews with Wim out now both dealing with the science and energetic side of the method. If you are looking for anymore on Wim Hof one of my favorites is on the channel functionalpatterns title THE ICE MAN – WIM HOF FULL INTERVIEW Regards Russell

    • HI Russell, Thanks for the link.Given yout lable, I was wondering if you have come across any info re free radical damage.I speculated many years ago that excessive aerobic activity would increase this activity, which seems to be accurate…be interesting if it applies here., given that ther always seems a down side to everything lol.

  4. Robert Fried, PhD Hyperventilation Syndromes- excellent reference on breathing psychophysiology & biofeedback.

  5. It’s a shame that you don’t have more videos Dr Pierre. 🤘

  6. incredible 🙂 that must be why only ghost peppers hurt me, I need to eat more peppers.

  7. *Respiratory alkalosis* is what Wim’s breathing could be called, if I understood it correctly. So named because he by breathing alkalises; increases the pH of his blood, which in turn might be deactivating his pain receptors and causing all of these effects.

  8. Loveland Medical Clinic

    Thank you Pierre for that excellent explanation

  9. Nice pierre. Very nice.

  10. start slowly with a cold shower and then have an ice bath . Pierre is right it wld be silly to jump into an ice bath straight away .

  11. Dr. Rhonda Patrick created this video when she interviewed Dr. Pierre Capel. The original video in its complete form is entitled, “Dr. Pierre Capel on the Power of the Mind & the Science of Wim Hof on “FoundMyFitness” and is well worth watching in its entirety. Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s interview/conversation with Dr. Pierre Capel is one of the more informative videos I’ve watched. I disagree with Dr. Capel’s concern about people having heart attacks from the cold. I’m sure it’s possible, but people have been doing cold water training for a very long time and I have not heard of a great deal of people dying from heart attacks when exposed to cold water. What I have heard is that roughly 1,645 people will die from cancer per day in the U.S. and 1,670 people will die from heart disease per day in the U.S. If stressing our immune systems with cold water is as good for our bodies as Wim Hof says and the research is demonstrating, then it might be justifiable to lose a couple people a year to heart attacks from exposure to cold water. I have thoroughly enjoyed this strong intellectual combination of Dr. Pierre Capel and Dr. Rhonda Patrick. 🙂

  12. You can view the show notes for the full length episode (timeline, links to studies mentioned, a glossary, & more) by heading over to here:

  13. Incredibly interesting.

  14. <3 Dr. Patrick!

  15. 20:50 beautiful explanation 🙂

  16. Love Rhonda. This is great.

  17. “B R O C O L L I S P R O U T S ” – Rhonda Patrick on any JRE Podcast.

  18. Wow listening further it truly shares the powerful metabolic functon released here, and I suspect its what dogs have that allows them to thrive in winter discomfort but they EAT a TON! Ive done it to a degree working outside in cold and getting acclimated and you do not feel cold, very energizing..handling ice it feels like plastic..on bare skin…Just like my dog plays in the icy water..Acidic bloodstream in fat conversion mode..No pain..high adrenalin but relaxed..Very powerful state!

  19. I have been doing the Wim Hof breathing method every morning for three months. I am 65 and a lifelong cannabis smoker and my lung capacity was low and I wheezed a lot. I could not hold my breath for a minute but now I hold it for three minutes every morning on the third or fourth round. Some days I cough up a lot of phlegm and have to blow my nose several times and some days not at all. After I finish my breathing routine I feel weird for fifteen minutes or so and then I breathe freely the rest of the day until the next morning. I have been taking contrast showers for over two years but now I can take a long cold shower without contrast, if I so wish. I find it is something I really enjoy doing and it sure seems worthwhile to me. I have tried virtually everything to decrease pain and increase pleasure and some of it really works while most is hog wash. Wim Hof is the real deal in my opinion.

    • @Gragon 777 people only do it for that tingling feeling, which isn’t a good thing, the arteries become weak and constrict, then you squeeze and give yourself an aneurysm nice, wim hof is bullshit, BUTEYKO is all you need

    • @moulinyan it is scientifically proven lol google it.

    • @moulinyan Buteyko is for healing several illnesses. WHM is for improving immune system before you are ill, reducing cold/pain threshold. It is training by stressing your body, just like physical training, like running, when you stress your muscles. Body rebiuld, respond better after that. Answer us why freedivers are not dying cause of weak arteries? Why are they in very good health? They do similar breathing exercises to WHM.

    • @moulinyan true and running and jumping are bad for joints scientifically proven.
      Dude, you need to understand the whole point. Haven’t you asked yourself if those real scientists (not like you) that checked Wims body system haven’t already thought what you are claiming???
      WHM is good and healthy. That’s all you need to know. Leave scientific work for professionals

  20. Really interesting explanations, thank you very much for sharing it! What I get from this is that it is better to go out (for short time) being really cold, then just slightly cold. Different receptors are activated in both cases leading to different results. In case of being really cold body wakes up and produces more energy, while in slightly cold conditions it goes to “sleep” and reduces capabilities of immune system. At least that is how I understood it…

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