“Dr. Gundry – Is it bad to eat eggs EVERY day?” (and other questions) | Ep177

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Complete program notes as well as records:
It's Q&A time!
On this episode of The Dr. Gundry Podcast, I answer even more of YOUR questions– right from social media sites and also Apple Podcast evaluates.
Your inquiries motivate me! As well as some of your concerns have inspired every little thing from stand-alone podcast episodes to segments of my publications.
So maintain creating in with anything YOU'RE curious about.
On this episode you'll find out:
One of the very best pleasant treats you can have on the PP Program (you can discover it at neighborhood grocery stores and also even filling station) (0:30).
Why I advise every one of my patients concerning THIS prominent nut (and how to tell if it's safe you YOU) (2:00).
The amazing foods I've contributed to my YES listing (and the very best methods to fit them right into your diet regimen) (4:00).
Why I no more accept of THIS preferred snack (and also the substitute that will make you neglect all about it)( 5:30).
Properly to prepare mushrooms (and also a few of the healthiest mushrooms you can consume) (7:00).
Why your supplement regular matters– and also 2 tips for obtaining the most out of your supplements (10:00).
Where to discover my deep dive into all points Spirulina and also Chlorella– as well as the brand name I suggest most( 11:00).
Why I recommend THIS to some of my patients with high cholesterol (it's quickly available as well as unbelievably efficient) (12:00).
The REAL reason to consume eggs (it's not for the healthy protein)– as well as the amount of eggs is a lot of (15:00).
How this extremely preferred drink is destroying your wellness (and also perhaps causing weight gain)– and also what to drink rather( 21:00).
The SINGLE most important component you can include in your diet to support a healthy and balanced thyroid (and where to get it)( 23:00).

Pointed out on this episode:.
Opening The Keto Code: The Revolutionary New Science of Keto That Offers Much More Benefits Without Deprivation By Steven R. Gundry, MD (pre-order below!).

The Energy Paradox: What to Do When Your Get‑Up‑and‑Go Has Got up and also Gone– (order below!).

165: Would certainly you eat algae?

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  1. So we shouldn’t eat wild caught fish as in sardines or salmon more than once day? Thanks so much. Dr. G!

  2. Japan has the most available types of eggs and eat more eggs than anywhere else including the most expensive ones and they create especially healthy eggs by feeding the hens certain diets…I am sure?

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  4. Thank you Dr gundry, for helping today’s modern peoples with today’s modern ailments. Which can affect us all so very much.

  5. Dr Gundry, I keep having reactive hypoglycaemia (few hours after meal) if I fast till midday and then have a high carb meal even sweet potato. What’s wrong with me?? I’m 30 years old male and thin. Blood sugars are otherwise normal. P.s I’m loving the new book energy paradox 👌🏼

  6. Hi, I believe I read on your website about there being a blood test to determine if someone is lectin sensitive. Could you please give the name(s) of that test? Thanks

  7. I love the spirulina Energy Bits tablets talked about on episode 165. Great, clean source and no more drinking green slime!! They are more expensive but worth it to know it’s a good source.

  8. You saved my life. I came across your Plant Paradox book 3 years ago. I have read it 4 times as well as your Longevity book. They are always out highlighted and color flags because I am constantly referring to them and I also have your cookbooks. Thank you Dr. Gundry, you truly did safe my life.

    Wanda – Marietta, GA

  9. Your books and videos have changed my health and my life. Thank you for all your work

  10. For those of us that like to lift weights, how do I eat less animal protein and still maintain and grow muscle? I’ve tried to eat more green leaves and vegetables and nuts but I still drop weight

    • Great question with a answer that might appeal to you. I’m in the same postion and am a nutritionist (MS) who has experimented with every seemingly good and absolutely stupid diet there is. 

      Gundry is rightly concerned with red meat [as he keenly explains in, I think, “The Longevity Paradox”, and maybe a bit overconcerned with fish IF you’re talking about athletes and bodybuilders.

      ONE: Fish. Look how strong Pacific Islanders are! If necessary due to kitchen and/or time restraints, buy yellowfin tuna, line-caught albacore, sardines, canned salmon [Trader Joe’s] and any shellfish that you enjoy. Canned is OK. Fresh is always better.

      TWO: Eggs. Just don’t cook them on high heat. Keep the heat low to moderate so as to not glycate the protein [crispy albumin] and not destroy the fat soluble vitamins + delicate phospholipids contained in the yoke. 

      Famous trainer in Glendale, CA, Vince Garanda, [look him up] put competitors like Larry Scott and Frank Zane on 36 raw eggs a day in heavy whipping cream + unlimited vegetable for the 3 months before competitions. It works like taking low-dose dianabol.

      THREE: Buffalo mozarella [Italian style]. Goat’s cheese. Cheese and other dairy made with Casein A2 milk [approved by Gundry]. High quality whey protein powder like “Precision Iso”, in which the whey isn’t denatured and stevia is used, NOT sucralose. 

      FOUR: The only bar I’ve found—there are probably a dozen more—that is reasonably good is from the company “NuGo”. It’s called “Stronger Whey Protein Bar”. 23 grams per bar.

  11. Dr Gundry, I’m a huge fan – thank you for all you do, calm approach and sharing your healing knowledge with us🙏💖

    Please keep posting your Q&A videos as well as continue your research and writing your great 📚 papers/books!!

  12. Sure, corn fibers probably okay, but is it that franken-corn that Monsanto invented? That green stuff soaked in roundup? I’m steering clear of as much gmo corn and wheat as I can.

    I just started on a2 milk but I noticed that the a2 milk company does not have the organic indicator on it. Their website says that they are not looking to go organic at this time but they don’t use any RBST. My thought is that they are probably using all the antibiotics though, or else they would be looking at organic labeling. So I’m guessing I’m still pumping myself full of antibiotics and killing off my gut bacteria. I wish we had food protections like they have in parts of Europe. I’m not against making a dollar, but between Monsanto suing small family Farmers into bankruptcy because they’re patented grain pollen blew into somebody’s field, and the consolidation of other agricultural industries, it gets hard to find decent food at a reasonable price. The EPA is all heavy-handed until it comes to not poisoning our entire country with garbage.

  13. Doctor Gundry, I enjoy lifting weights 5x a week pretty heavy and intense training. I also have been doing keto for over 9 months and I really don’t like how I feel on keto and lifting weights. I enjoy being on keto I have more energy, less brain fog and healthier skin and hair, but my progress in the gym is close to none. Should I increase my protein and do a modified ketogenic diet or will my body eventually adapt to being a bodybuilder on keto and I should stick to the traditional keto diet plan?

  14. My god I need YOU AS MY dr, I’m just totally lost here ugh, you mentioned to reduced Animal protein but what about meats , is that ok again confused and new here

  15. Love the depth to which this information goes. In the case of iodine from seafood, how much wild seafood would one have to get to receive an optimal amount? What are other good sources, aside from seafood?

  16. Quest bars were originally my bars when I worked in the sports industry. Long story made short, the contract manufacturer—due to unforeseen and complicated circumstances resulting in the closing of my company—put the original formula into the hands of another company My point as a formulater? 

    MY point is that corn fiber is not OK. Even if the corn is claimed to be non-GMO, thus apparently not contaminated with glyphosate, Round-up, or Bayer’s “Liberty Link”, it actually is contained with, at least, glyphosate because of the herbicide’s use as a desiccant and seed growth promoter.

    All commercial and non-GMO wheat, rye, corn, barley, soy, alfalfa, oats, legumes, lentils and other stable crops are sprayed with Round-up to make harvesting easier on machinery and to speed up seed production. 

    Only US certified organic foods are relatively safe to eat. Corn fiber production is as pernicious as seed oil production. Edge Bars went downhill so as to improve bottomline margins. They use to be BIG sellers at my gym and market. Now they’re not even carried.

  17. Thank you dr. G
    The problem that’s driving me crazy is that l am not sure anymore of what is right to do or what’s not. Most respected doctors tend to recommend contradictory advice when it comes to fight disease or maintain good health…
    No fruit, no rice , no bread , no dairy or animal protein, no beans , no soy ,no saturated fat and
    the list is endless…
    Help us

  18. Can we please see a list of all the supplements you take Dr. Gundry?

  19. As someone who loves green olives not just EVOO I eat them daily after having been thoroughly soaked in water to remove most of the salt. Thing is I’m concerned after reading that olives snd EVOO contain palmitic acid which raises ldl cholesterol, wondering if I should moderate my intake more?

  20. A recent study said red wine and cheese were the best foods for preventing dementia. Is red wine preferable to non-alcoholic grape juice, and do you think resveratrol may for some reason only be fully beneficial when consumed with alcohol? Do you agree with the claim that moderate alcohol in-take is more beneficial to health than teetotalism?

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