Not For The Faint-Hearted – Live With Sadhguru -16 Oct 2021 – Sadhguru Exclusive | #Shorts

Sign up with Sadhguru in this first-of-its-kind event, for an uncommon opportunity to directly ask Sadhguru your burning concern. Bring out your most audacious question on spirituality, necromancy as well as life in this Live Q&A with Sadhguru.

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Yogi, mystic as well as visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a distinction. An arresting mix of profundity as well as pragmatism, his life and work acts as a tip that yoga is a modern scientific research, really appropriate to our times.

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  1. Cadet Akansha Sharma


  2. & He TurNs answer of Every real question….

  3. ✨💖✨😌

  4. Spooky Cookie Gaming

    Just excited

  5. Super excited ❤

  6. Ho ho ho ho… Abhi maza ayega na bhidduu… 😂

  7. What is dark matter sadhguru???

  8. GMaria-Ask the Spirits💚

    I have so many questions

  9. I recently started watching your videos. I enjoy them very much. 🥰 🙏🏼

  10. If somebody don’t agree with sadhguru then he/she is fainthearted, is that what you mean…?

    • go back to school, say sorry to your english teacher and repeat all the english classes. thats what they mean.

    • @Jagannath A reah, you might be right, that might be my fault…
      And school, I am not good at english because I followed school, for last 12 years, from 1 to 12 class, so I have started learning by myself,
      And the word fainthearted, actually I saw here for the first time…
      Thanks for pointing out my mistake
      By the way, what they mean….?

  11. One live session may not create much difference to anyone’s life. Keep it often

  12. why i am told to wear earings as a boy? sadhguru garu

  13. I want to watch it but at the same time I am a bit of a faint hearted person what should I do 😭

  14. Why is that I don’t have any questions!

  15. When he says to “Just make the question intense, I’ll answer it for you”. Trust me he’ll answer. Been experiencing this from past 2 years now🙏

  16. When aatma enter the body when a baby is inside the womb?

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