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Milk – it does Refrain From Doing a body great.
OTHER THAN, that is, if it's from A2 cows.
You see, many dairy items located in United States supermarket originate from breeds of cows, such as Holstein, which have an extremely inflammatory sort of milk protein called A1 casein.

Yet thanks to my guests– several of the only A2 dairy products farmers in the United States– much healthier milk IS offered.

Husband-wife duo, Stephanie and also Blake Alexandre, plus their 5 youngsters, are genuinely pioneers in the A2 dairy products industry and also in farming as the very first licensed regenerative milk ranch.

On this episode The Alexandres share their incredible story of running a family ranch as well as what YOU can do to assist promote regenerative farming in your neighborhood.

We additionally talk about why consuming natural isn't enough, exactly how farming like our grandparents will certainly assist heal the planet, as well as why A2 milk items are optimal if you're mosting likely to drink milk.

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On this episode you'll find out:
What's MISSING from standard agriculture– and also exactly how YOUR health may be experiencing therefore (1:30).
Why most so-thought "milk intolerances" are most likely a camouflage for THIS– and also the basic guideline for pleasantly appreciating milk once again (3:00).
Why peanut allergic reactions are becoming increasingly typical– and what this sensitivity implies regarding the wellness of your DIGESTIVE TRACT (5:00).
Why most conventional meat as well as dairy items lack nutrients as well as contain chemicals– as well as just how your health and wellness can gain from this "old-fashioned" option (6:00).
The HIDDEN benefit of composting– and just how it can help farmers worldwide run an even more profitable, sustainable service (13:00).
The only dairy products milk that is absolutely risk-free to drink– as well as where to locate it (not only will your health and wellness thank you, however you'll LIKE the preference) (17:00).
The butter you CAN consume– and also why butter is in fact excellent for your wellness (24:00).
Why organic is INADEQUATE– and also the "consumer's guide" to choosing the healthiest produce (26:00).
Exactly how regenerative farming is assisting to save the wellness of our bodies AND ALSO our earth– and what YOU can do to support the motion (27:00).
The scary truth about some industrial baby formula– and what to seek instead (38:00).

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Alexandre Family Members Ranch Store Locator.

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Plant Mystery: The 30-Day Strategy to Reduce Weight, Feel Great, and Live Lectin-Free (The Plant Paradox, 3) (order below!).

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  1. All A2 cows breed originally came from India. Still lot of desi cows in India are A2

  2. Great episode Dr Gundry.
    Plz do something about Vitiligo.
    I am sure it is got to do something with our gut.

  3. Thank you Dr Gundry you’re a true inspiration 🇯🇲

  4. OMG, I was just wondering what type of milk to drink for my cereal as I’m pre-diabetic.

  5. I absolutely agree!! I NEVER got sick or allergies from milk in East Africa!!! Five years after arriving in the Western nations, can’t drink milk without being sick!!! THAT’S how Cattle farming is done/ or used to be done in East Africa ratetional!( Now! western Influence is coming in preaching Intensive farming) MERCY 🙏

  6. Amazing and hopeful episode ! I will save it for helping my community in Colorado 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏻💖🌹

  7. Thank you for remembering me the childhood memories of the milk and farm.. in Romania. My grandfather was doing the same thing, organic and regeneration the land. Our caws were autohtone, the milk was A2 tipe with amazing taste amazing

  8. Diedra STEVENSON

    I’ve been using A2 milk for some time now and I’ve tried to talk to people I know about it but they don’t seem to understand. I will share this with them. Thank you for the information

  9. Dr Gundry, thanks so much for all your health saving programs. Could you kindly ask those down to earth farmers to PLEASE help STOP intensive and fertilizers that a being re enforced in East Africa,destroying old organic traditional farming!! All that goldish milk,very testy meat is being replaced by what your turning away from!!!!!!!! Help please 🙏

  10. Andliga Rummet Maria

    Here in Sweden we have mostly Holstein cows so I have to buy imported yoghurt and cheese from Greece and Italy .

  11. Excellent. Thank you Dr. G 🙂

  12. Great podcast! I love A2 milk. My local dairy does not produce it in as great supply as A1 🙁 but I load up on it when I see it 🧡

  13. Helen Van Wagenen

    This is such an important episode, full of clarifying facts about milk sensitivity.

  14. I stopped drinking milk almost a year ago. I now drink organic almond milk and oat milk. I feel a huge difference in my health. Today’s milk is so much different than it was when I was a child. Thanks for the video on the A2 type of milk. I’ll keep my eyes out for it. It would be nice to have an ice cold glass of real milk just like we did when we were kids.

  15. Organic means you can still feed the cows organic grains and corn depleting the point of ‘right’ healthy feeding to create healthy cows, meat… Grass fed organic would be a level up, regenerative organic grass fed with standards on what other feeding they get, like in winter; no grains, no corn,.. There should be more regulated rules for labeling especially to make it like omega 3/6 completely balanced meat in what ever way.

  16. The tie is hilarious Dr. Gundry!!!🤣🤣🤣👍🏽❤️

  17. Saffron the Showy Dachshund

    Dear Dr. Grundry, thank you so much for inviting the Alexandres to the show! I have switched over to only A2 milk (from Alexandre’s Farm exclusively) after reading your book. Not only that it’s healthier for us humans, I feel so much better morally consuming milk from happier cows and love the way how cows are treated at Alexandre’s Farm. These are ethical, sustaining and compassionate farming practices that are highly respected and hopefully can be adopted by all farmers eventually ideally. Quick question: Does A2 milk also contain Neu5Gc that I need to worry about it? Thank you so much as always!

  18. thanks for the info on lectins, dr.G. Im now able to eat apples again. Haven’t ate one in 25 years because of the allergy I developed at 14. I guess its either bread or apples for me from now on.

  19. When I switched to A2 milk a year or so back I was amazed at how much better I felt. No more digestive upsets. The same is true if you move to coconut milk and/or goat’s milk. I only eat cheese made from goat’s milk now & by completely dropping A1 milk from my diet I feel better & better. A big noticeable difference ✅.

  20. Thank you for answering my questions about milk!

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