What’s WRONG with tap water? | Ep175

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People constantly ask: Dr. G, should I be filtering my water?
Well, the short answer is yes, absolutely.
Yet what's the most effective way to filter water?

My visitor today claims he's got the solution. He is among the early developers of reverse-osmosis modern technology, and today he's right here to help you iron out fact from fiction and assist you make the most effective choice for your wellness.
I'm discussing Robert Slovak. Robert is a degreed Mechanical and also Aeronautical & Astronautical engineer that has actually been in the water treatment game considering that the 1970s when he co-founded the firm Water Manufacturing facility Equipments.
Since then, Robert's been on the reducing edge of water purification modern technology and he's taken his expertise all around the world.
On this episode, he as well as I expose the FACT about tap water as well as exactly how the RIGHT filtration system can support better health as well as longer life.

On this episode you'll discover:
The fatal contanament hiding in THE MAJORITY OF water, why it matters for YOUR wellness, and also what you can do to secure on your own (3:00).
Why your drinking WATER could be at fault for reduced energy levels– as well as the basic button that can make all the difference (15:00).
Why purchasing alcohol consumption water is like walking through a "minefield"– and the very best mineral water cash can get (28:00).
One of one of the most extensive explorations on antiaging and also durability– and exactly how YOU can benefit from it for much better health and wellness (32:00).
Why there is NO one ideal water filter for every single home– as well as exactly how to identify which filtration system is best for YOU as well as your family members (38:00).
The reason MANY water filters are a total waste of money– and also the frightening chemicals they're leaving behind (49:00).
The FACT concerning alkaline water– and also why you must NOT think the hype (55:00).
What new research study wraps up regarding the benefits of a high-fat diet plan– as well as what took place to a team of individuals that made use of one litre of olive oil per week (1:00:00).

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Discussed on this episode:.
Robert's email: RobertSlovak@waterandwellness.com.




The Environment Crisis By Teacher August Dunning.

AquaTru Water Filtration System.

The Energy Paradox: What to Do When Your Get‑Up‑and‑Go Has Got up and also Gone– (order below!).

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  1. Water condensers are great. Thanks Dr.G for all your work from England.

  2. As always great information

  3. I am worried about Chloramine.

  4. 💯👍 Thank you

  5. I stopped drinking tap water since…

  6. i always drink mineral water as living in France it is plentiful, and certain brands have potassium, magnesium and other minerals.. plus it is good and cheap. However, I sprained my ankle a week ago and couldn’t get to the shop, and was forced to drink tap water. From the moment I put the glass to my lips, I could smell the bleach. God knows how much re-cycling of people’s pee it has gone through from the sewage treatment plant.
    If you are not accustomed to bottled water, I reckon this would go unnoticed.. Then of course there are the additives such as fluoride…..
    Personally, i wouldn’t even consider filtered water from a tap. As i have said, it is recycled sewage.

    Having said that.;The USA has an even graver problem with its water supply and the contamination from industry.
    There are cancer clusters everywhere.. and we have all read about Flint., Michegan. Couple this with your carbon emissions from fossil fuels to feed your gas guzzling cadilacs, resistance to electric vehicules and your stubborn disregard for ‘clean renewable energy, ‘and the insistance that windmills cause Cancer, your consumation of junk food, and being the diabetic capitol of the world.. and the biggest cluster of fat folks on this planet, I reckon water is the least of your problems..

    • Nothing wrong with properly filtered water from a tap. Reverse-Osmosis will literally make rotten swamp water perfectly safe to drink as well Distilled water. The minerals you mention are of the inorganic types and very poorly absorbed by the body – 3% at best. Where I live the water is so clean a simple Brita filter is perfectly fine.
      Also in N. America there are water purification systems that can have custom filters added for any situation, not cheap but work great. As far as Flint goes a few water system managers ended up in prison over it. You could check out reverse-osmosis systems in your area and see if they are appropriate.

  7. You always give me the feeling that you are obssessed with the idea of living like 150 years 🤦‍♀️😂 relax doc. It is not worth it and people are born to die this is the only truth in life like it or not 😊

  8. I am so happy to found your channel, excellent work love from Greece 👏🇬🇷

  9. Hi Dr. Gundy. Does that applies to well water?

  10. as of next year the UK will have fluoride in it

  11. Dr. Gundry, you and I lived in Omaha during the same time. You your whole life me from end of grade school through the end of high school we both live to tell about it. Of course Midwest water is so much better. I went back there a couple of years ago and got reminded how good it tastes out of the tap. California water is all is mostly all Colorado River water crap. Santa Barbara’s really bad you never lived there in the sixties and seventies it was much worse than what is there now. you had to have bottled water back then before bottled water was the Sheik trendy thing to do.

  12. Is soft water better than hard water?

  13. Longevity vs low calcium in water TDS? Target TDS for water? Hydrogen water?

  14. what about a Berkey water filter?

  15. That was an eye-opening interview great work Dr. Gundry thank you so much!!!

  16. I put 1/4tsp of pink Himalayan salt in 2 liters of water which gives it 84minerals your body needs plus I take molecular hydrogen tables from Dr.Mercola. If you don’t have enough minerals and drink bottled water… I’ve researched enough is that people are dying of sepsis at an alarming rate and it may be because of lack of minerals in your water.. you need substitution in your bottled water.. aka .. pink Himalayan salt.

  17. I’m so thankful to here this! So informative, I really enjoyed listening to this! Thanks again Dr. GUNDRY!

  18. I haven’t drank tap water in over 30 years.

  19. Absolutely Amazing, really love the entire podcast and plan to check the water quality in my City and county of Lincoln Nebraska, Lancaster County. We have reverse osmosis in our home. THANK You Dr. G 👌👍💕

  20. Does it hurt water if you microwave it?
    How do we get proper testing for well water? Right now I boil it and then run it thru a Brita.

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