River Ice Bath in the Winter | The Wim Hof Method

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  1. Today I stayed in the ice cold water for 15 min. I’m improving 🙂

  2. Най-добрият! Радвам се да видя .че качваш клипове от родината

  3. Hassam Ahmad Awan

    I’m so happy to see you creating content again bro 💟

  4. Don’t be ashamed Bro! You still look better than 99% of the people in the gym.

    • 100% of people in my gym

    • Azzeddine Aesthetics


    • @Matt – No,it doesn’t . He literally looks better than 99%people in the gym.Thats more than a decade of training under the belt, even with the injuries.


      I agree

    • @Matt – thats what i was trying to say. Doesnt matter which gym.He simply looks better than majority of guys in gyms,even those on gear.Yes many professional bodybuilders are nearly twice his size but that doesnt not make them look better.His proportions and right amount of mass make him extremely aesthetic and that is big factor for his success and his genetics are rare. If he didnt look as good he wouldnt be the top fitness influencer in the whole world years ago. Everything is for a reason.

  5. Just imagined walking trought woods and finding Lazar screaming in river… 😂

  6. Iron Cross Training, Ltd

    Dude I bet you healed years of inflammation ❤💪

  7. “it’s so cold it’s starting to be hot” damn!

    • Janusz Ekspert od wszystkiego

      The same is when you take cold shower. It’s normal. When you cross a barier of 1 minute It’s startink to be cool and warm

  8. Even with all the injuries you still look amazing Lazar.

  9. Still looking like a champ. I personally like this physique more because it looks more natural. This guy is a beast!

  10. Even after his injury he still has a body most people would kill for.

  11. Remember lazar we were never here only for the bodybuilding part I think it’s safe to say we were here mostly cause we admire your work and you as a person, so I am glad youre back brother

  12. Dany #gotaworldtosee

    what an EPIC video. !!!

  13. There are some places Man gets to know himself, this place is one of them.

  14. The fire of Martial Arts

    Idk why he is insecure about his physique. He is muscular and fit. That’s like the natural body building goal of 99% of people out there. Be proud man

  15. Shoutout to that cameraman for being in there with them and keeping such a steady hand !!!…

  16. Страхотно, но аз съм впечатлена и от Мартин, който за първи път влиза в толкова ледена вода и издържа 5 мин, което си е ужасно много. Евала, на момчето, бтв и английският му е отличен.. Иначе браво за новите и интересни видеа. Пожелавам ти бързо възстановяване!

  17. “Now you put hands on your hips”…..”Nooo on your legs , like diss”🤣

  18. I was hoping that you will find Wim Hoff when you were talking about your depression. It will change your life and heal you. Stay strong brother 💪

  19. Props to that other guy staying that long for his 1st time!

  20. Arnold Schwarzenegger said that no one believed that anyone can say “Il be back” in another accent for Terminator movie, but I cant wait to here you say “I’m back in your acceng”👏👏Welcome back Lavar..we idolized you and your aesthetics man..you a Greek God

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